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Cutting skills

Have lots of fun making a grass head with your child and then once the grass starts growing let them practice using a pair of scissors to keep the hair nice and short.




A great activity for helping your child learn how to use scissors correctly. Give them some playdough and let them cut out different shapes.



Scissor practice 

Put some small toys into your muffin tins and then cover with masking tape. Let your child practice trying to rescue their toys by cutting the masking tape.




Cutting leaves


Take your child outside to collect up lots of leaves and then let them practise using scissors to cut up the leaves in different ways.



Let you child practice using scissors by giving them a cardboard tube to cut up or some cubes of jelly. They will love to make different shapes and build up their scissor skills at the same time.




There are lots of fun ways your child can practise their cutting skills. Let them cut the grass with a pair of scissors, or cut cabbage leaves. If you cook pasta then your child will love cutting up the wiggly worms!