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Term 3

French Day 2023

This term, we have compacted our French learning into one day where we have been investigating what French schools are like. We discussed the similarities and differences such as children in French schools do not wear school uniform and also most French schools have Wednesdays afternoons off so that they can complete homework and take part in sport clubs. We then looked at how they pronounce classroom items before writing a letter to a French friend explaining our learning. All of this was topped off by enjoying and eating a croissant. Magnifique! 

Maths - Correspondence problems

In Maths, we have been looking at multiplication and division problems, especially in correspondence problems where we use our multiplication skills to identify all the possibilities. Here we are using cubes to guide us in our own understanding. 

Mini First Aid

Year 4 were very lucky to take part in a Mini First Aid course where we learned how to stay safe in a medical emergency. We then looked at how we can put a patient into the recovery position and how to successful carry out CPR with the correct amount of compressions to breath. We then discussed how to look after burns and important contact numbers. 

Dance - PE

We continued our learning in our dance unit with reaction and action but ensuring we stayed within the beat of 8. We discussed the actions of a Spy and what these may look like. We then discussed how we could apply these to our dances. 

English - Voices in the park

Continuing on with Voices in the park, we took the roles of the main characters so that we could understand how each character was feeling and to allow us to understand the sequence of events.


Science - making circuits 

In Science, we have been investigating electricity and how important it is. We investigated how lights work and how an electrical circuit is needed to allow the electricity flow. We understand how a circuit needs to be complete so that the electricity can flow. 

Collective Worship

 As part of our Collective Worship, we thought about whether we threw broken items away too easily. We found some broken books in our classroom and tried to fix them so they could be saved from the bin! Super compassion. 

Anglian Water Visit

This week, we were very lucky to have a visitor from Anglian Water to come and visit us and discuss the work that Anglian Water does and what they find in our sewers and how they ensure we have clean water. Did you know that when we brush our teeth, we waste 15 litres of water? We were blown away! We were also shocked at how water can clog the drains when it has various other items of food waste tipped down the drain. 

English - Voices in the park

In English, we have started reading ‘Voices in the park’ by Anthony Browne. We have read the 1st voice that was the voice of Charles’ mother and how she treat her dog and son. We rolled played and asked the characters their thoughts and feelings before we start planning our persuasive letter to make the park safer. 

English - Speeches week

Our first unit in English this term has seen us deliver speeches around the theme ‘Speak up for those who cannot speak themselves’. We started our week by listening to the song ‘You’ve got the power’ and then discussed groups who might not have a voice. 


Then we listened to examples of speeches and identified the features of what a good speech looked like before we chose what we wanted our speech to be about. After that, we planned our speech and did some research to gain facts before practising with our partners. We have really enjoyed this week and we are proud to share 3 speeches below from our learning this week. 

Evie’s Speech

Still image for this video


Still image for this video

George’s Speech

Still image for this video

Art - Painting

In Art this week, we explored the artwork of Jackson Pollock who is an abstract artist and uses a drip technique in the majority of his work. We also investigated how he uses colour and line within his work. We created an artist page for Jackson Pollock to explore his artwork. 


Music - Ukulele

This term, we are revisiting Ukulele from Year 3. This week, we focused on retrieving how to hold a ukulele, playing the C chord and the G7 chord. We then practised moving between the 2 chords whilst strumming. 

RE - Islam

In RE this term, we are studying the religion of Islam and how they follow the shariah (straight path) to build on communities. Our 1st lesson saw us investigating the pilgrimage that the Muslims must undertake at least once in their lifetime known as Hajj. This pilgrimage is important to Muslims and they must follow specific steps in order to complete their pilgrimage. We replicated parts of their pilgrimage in the hall such as walking around the Ka’ba 7 times, reflecting on our choices, stoning the devil and writing our sins down and giving them to God. We will continue looking at how Muslims build communities throughout this term.



Computing - Logo

This term in Computing, we are working on our coding skills as we explore the world of Logo. This week, we investigated what the basic commands were and how we could give the instructions using abbreviated words and phrases. We gave our turtle code snippets which saw us type a range of instructions for it to complete and debug any errors that we have made. We really enjoyed this lesson and we can’t wait to continue developing our coding skills. 

PE - Dance

This term, one of our topics in PE is dance. We were very excited when we found out we were going to be spies! We discussed about the type of movements that spies would use and used these in our warm up. We then followed the routine that was set for us which require£ us to counts in beats of 4. Following this, we partnered up and discussed how we could adapt our routine to make it our unique dance!


Science - Electricity

We have started our unit on Electricity by investigating the different types of electricity we have. We investigated the items in our classroom and decided whether they were powered by mains electricity and battery powered. We discussed how some items could be battery powered but also require mains electricity to charge them. We then had a go at sorting the items into main powered and battery powered.