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Term 1



We have had a great start to our maths learning by sorting objects into groups. We have been able to sort them by colour, number, shape and size and we have been able to sort objects into smaller and larger groups. We have also been able to use sentence stems to explain how we have grouped objects and been able to create a sorting rule to identify how objects have been sorted.


English & Guided Reading


Our Guided Reading and English text has been The Three Little Pigs. We have explored the vocabulary in the story and been able to recite the story when reading together, improving our performance skills!



We loved starting our unit in Art, exploring sculpture. We looked at two key sculptures ‘Balloon Dog’ and ‘Brazilian Fish’ - we looked at their similarities and differences and then drew our own Balloon Dog using sketch pencils and water colour.



We enjoyed spending our science lesson investigating different objects and the material they are made from. We were able to look at the properties they have and why that material had been used. 


We have been superstars at being able to articulate how to stay safe when using the internet and have been able to identify kind and unkind behaviours. We are able to explain what to do if we ever feel unsafe online or if we are unsure.



The start of our history unit took great interest by many of us as we explored some toys! We noticed they were not just any toys, they were in fact old! We were able to discuss why they were old and the differences between them and newer toys we are more familiar with.


Mini First Aid


Year 1 have been very lucky because they were able to attend a Mini First Aid workshop. The children were able to find out what to do in an emergency, how to help ourselves and each other if we are hurt and what to do if we need to call for emergency services.


​​​​​​In English this week we have been reading the text 'The Little Red Hen', we discussed the vocabulary within the book and retold the story using actions and props. In Maths we have been representing numbers using different objects.




The children became artists again this week, exploring the famous artwork 'Fish' by Alexander Calder. They drew their own fish and then experimented with colour and shape to complete their artwork.




This week in Maths we have been using number fans, number tracks and cubes to help us count forwards and backwards from any given number. 




We have been creating our own sculptures this week of the 'Balloon Dog'. We used the technique of score and slip to help us join pieces of clay together to build our own sculpture.




In Science this week we have been exploring how different materials feel. We discussed the different vocabulary we can use to describe how the materials look and feel before exploring them for ourselves.