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Reading for Pleasure

Reading for Pleasure:


Below are some texts that we have read for enjoyment as a class.

Some stories that have been written by OR illustrated by Oliver Jeffers.
Some stories written by or illustrated by Oliver Jeffers



Lost in the Toy Museum by David Lucas

 "I liked how the toys played hide and seek with each other" - Jessica

We read this text alongside our 'Toys' unit in History. We enjoyed exploring the different toys that featured in the story and linked this to our knowledge of how toys have changed overtime.


Grandfather and I by Helen E. Buckley

"I like spending time with my Grandad like they do in the story" - Zara

Grandfather and I was a lovely story to share together as it linked perfectly with our PSHE concept 'Relationships'. We discussed how we like spending time with other members of our family and sometimes doing different activities with them such as gardening and baking.


Eva's Imagination by Wendy Shurety and Karen Erasmus

"I like using my imagination to create stories" - Violet

We enjoyed reading this story as a class as we all like to use our imagination in different ways. We enjoyed the part where furniture and items in our house turned into real life things. This reminded us of some poetry we have looked at where personification was used.



Below are the texts we will study this term. Using the Reading Vipers, answer the following questions about the texts once you have enjoyed the story - all texts are available on YouTube if you need to access them!


The Enormous Turnip



What is a turnip?

Why can't they pull the turnip out?

How many people tried to pull the turnip out of the ground? Can you name them?

What will they grow next?


The Little Red Hen



What does the Little Red Hen find?

What is a grain?

What is a mill?

Why won't the other animals help the hen?

Are the other animals showing fellowship?


The Three Little Pigs





Who are the characters in this story?

Why did the pigs leave home?

Which house couldn't the wolf blow down? Why not?

What did the second pig build his house from?