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Digital Leaders

After applying for the role and showing a keen interest in the area, the children were appointed. They were quick to lead Collective Worships and plan events to teach the children about keeping safe online. They take their role very seriously and enjoy talking to others about it.

These inspiring children ensure that the online learning and E-safety is appropriate and they will deliver clear messages to classes helping them to keep safe.


"I enjoy teaching others to be safe especially in Collective Worships. It is an important role that we take very seriously." R and D 

Collective Worship

The digital leaders ran an important Collective Worship to Key Stage One and Key Stage Two which highlighted the important of staying safe online. It covered how we can stay safe and what to do if we see something that makes us feel worried or upset. Always be SMART!





Father's Day brunch Posters!


The digital leaders met to create posters to advertise our amazing Father's Day Brunch event. The event was very popular and the posters looked great around school.


The digital leaders worked hard to create fantastic posters to advertise the summer disco.