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Term 2

Children in Need 2022

This week saw us celebrating Children in Need in Hope Class. We came into school in spotty non uniform and took part in Joe Wicks live work out. During the day, we went and purchased cakes from our cake sale and then we helped fill in a giant Pudsey bear with 1p and 2p coins. We were so proud to be a part of this great charity event. 

History - Handling artefacts from The Collection

This week, we were very lucky to have Viking artefacts from The Collection. This allowed us to deepen our understanding of the Vikings views in trading and their craftsmanship that saw them design some wonderful items. 

We first started our learning by having a section of the picture given to us and we had to draw what we thought the rest of the item was. Then Mr Shortland showed us each artefact and we made our predictions on what we thought they were.

We then set up our own archaeological dig where the items were placed in a grid and we had to work in groups to infer what they were by answering key questions. 
Mr Shortland then told us what each artefact was and how it was used. 



One of our topics this term in PE is Yoga which looks at the concept of Mental Health. We focused on our breathing and created a flow using shapes with our bodies whilst thinking what we are grateful for.


Anti-Bullying Week - Reach Out

This week has seen us learning about Anti-Bullying with the special message of ‘Reach Out’ which has seen us discuss who we can reach out to if we need help. We started the week with an Odd Sock Day where we all came into school wearing odd socks to celebrate differences.



Throughout the week, we discussed scenarios and the roles within the bystander and how different roles can add to the bullying and how each one of the roles can reach out.

Science - Sound

In Science this term, our question is ‘How important are vibrations when making sound?’. We discussed how air particles vibrate when the sound is made and that travels to your ear. We looked at how important vibrations are by conducting 4 separate experiments. We used a tuning fork and placed it in water after we had tapped it against the table, we placed rice on a drum and observed what happened to the rice when we hit the drum, we flicked a ruler on the edge of the table to hear the sound and we used a coat hanger on the end of string and wrapped the string around our finger and banged the coat hanger against the table. We had so much fun investigating sound. 

History - Vikings - trading

In History this term, we are looking at how Vikings were able to trade all around the world and how we know this happened. We discussed how some of the items found at Viking sites were not available in that area so that suggests they have traded with people in different areas of the country or even the world! Here we are looking at maps and trying to figure out where the item has come from. 

Remembrance Art

For our Collective Worship, we have been asked to paint a piece of art work that shows why we remember those that have fallen. We used either ink or water colours to show the importance of Remembrance Day.


English - Arthur and the Golden Rope

In English, we are starting our learning with Arthur and the Golden Rope who is an unlikely hero who helps Viking Gods tackle a monstrous beast so that he can relight the fire before it freezes over. We answered key questions to help us understand the story more before we starting substituting key items for our own story. We can’t wait to make our own adventures.