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Term 3

English - Voices in the Park
This week, we have started a new book in English which is always very excited. The book that we are currently reading is ‘Voices in the Park’ by Anthony Browne. This story is split into 4 different voices all given their own point of view of what happened on a particular day in the park. We are currently on Voice 1 which belongs to Charles’ Mother. She comes across as a very posh lady but deep down, we think she is a bit selfish and someone who has their priorities wrong as she seems to treat her pedigree dog better than her son. We have retold the stories in different ways this week to improve our understanding and to understand the sequence of events. Here we have groups acting out the story to ensure their sequencing and understanding of events is in the right order. We will then retell this story but make it exciting before we move onto our persuasive element of writing using this terrific book!



First Aid
Wow! What an amazing life skill we have been taught today! We were very lucky to be taught basic first aid today as an addition to our PSHE curriculum. During our session, we covered how to place somebody into the recovery position, CPR and how to treat burns. This life skill is incredibly important and the buzz from the children after the session was amazing. All at St. Thomas’ are so proud of our amazing children who continue to amaze us with their knowledge and aspiration to achieve to learn new life skills.



Wow! What great fun we have had today in our Art lesson. We continued our work in the style of Rembrandt, where he shows movement within his drawings. Here we have members of Hope Class posing in different movements that they will then use as part of their art work by tracing over their photo and adding in lines to represent movements. 

Kenning Poems - Big Write

For our Big Write this week, we have retrieved our knowledge of Kenning Poems by using our outdoor area as a stimulus. We went to the great outdoors and we walked around our school grounds making note of any adjectives and nouns that we could use to include in our poems. After that, we went back inside and used our word bank to create our Kenning Poems. Mr Shortland can’t wait to read and mark them to guess what is being described. 

Speeches Week

This week saw Hope Class take part in a very special week where we composed our very own speeches around the subject ‘Every voice is important!’ We started the week off by looking at the journey of which a refugee has to undertake if they wish to leave their home if it’s unsafe. We then listened to two very inspirational young speakers who modelled what it means to talk passionately about a subject that means so much. We then moved onto planning our own speeches and wrote prompt cards to help us with our speeches. 


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This term, we are focusing on Healthy Living and what that means. In this lesson, we investigated what a good and bad healthy lifestyle is. Here we are focusing on what makes a good healthy lifestyle and what makes a bad healthy lifestyle.






In our 2nd PE unit, we are studying hockey, which we are very excited about. In our 1st lesson, we developed how to use a hockey stick before moving onto passing the ball using a push pass. We then furthered our learning by dribbling with the ball and then pushing the ball through a small gate to develop accuracy. 


In Science, this term, we are focusing on Electricity. We started our learning with understanding the two main types of electricity - battery or mains powered. We discussed how we know appliances are powered by sorting appliances into groups of electrical and non-electrical appliances. Following that, we split the electrical groups into mains powered and battery powered. 


In PE, we have started our dance topic. The focus in our first lesson saw us represent the movements of a spy. We followed a dance routine and mastered it with our partner. Our focus was not only on the movement, but on counting the beats to ensure we stayed in time with the music.