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Term 4


Big Question: Was Jesus the Messiah?

This term in RE, we are exploring Salvation and answering the big question: Was Jesus the Messiah? We will be looking at what Christians believe and how this is supported through stories, Psalms, artwork, and prayers.



Big Question: What has made South America successful?

This term in Geography, we will be exploring all things South America. We will look at South American countries and describe the key features, using maps and atlases. We have researched the biggest exports and what the largest countries have to import from other places. We revisited biomes from term two when we looked at physical features of South America. 

Samba Dance Class!


Big Question: How is your personal identity created?

This term in PSHE, we will be continuing to explore the big question regarding personal identity and our health and wellbeing. We will be learning about risky and dangerous situations, and how we can keep ourselves safe. We will learn about the emergency services and retrieve our knowledge of how we get hold of them when needed.


Big Question: Is the seasonality important when creating a recipe?

 This term is DT, we will be exploring seasonality and how it can influence which ingredients we can use. The children have looked at what is produced in the county and when it is grown. This week, we have created a design brief for the bread product we are going to make! 



Big Question: Can the properties of materials be changed?

This term, we will be continuing our learning on Materials. Following on from last term’s learning of the properties of materials, we are exploring whether they can be changed.

Diversity class have been experimenting with various materials and applying our previous learning to predict the outcome. 



Big Question: Où vas-tu?

This term in French, we will be exploring our new vocabulary for directions. We will be understanding how to give and read directions, as well as write them.


Big Question: How do fingerings and the pitch of a note relate?

This term in Music, we will be exploring the features of a recorder and to know how to create a clear sound. We will learn how to play the notes BAG.