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Term 2


How does war force civilisations to develop?

Through the power of story, we are working as Historians this term. We are exploring the role of people from Boston in The Great War through the artefact boxes given to us by the Parish of Boston. We have been to the Stump to showcase our learning to our family and the community. We have also taken place in a murder mystery to solve who was responsible for the outbreak of World War One.

Religious Education (RE)

What does it mean if God is holy and loving?

Within our lessons, we are studying the unit of Understanding Christianity: God. We shall be exploring what the key words omniscient, omnipresent and eternal mean and how different Christian denominations worship God.

Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE)

How do I know if a relationship is healthy?

The unit we are studying this term will further support us to develop a clear understanding of what a healthy relationship looks like.  Last term, we discussed and explored healthy, romantic relationships; this term, we will focus on peer relationships.

We have also had a workshop that allowed us to retrieve and consolidate our learning on healthy and unhealthy relationships. We would like to say thank you to Women's aid for coming to visit us. 


Does a heart’s rate always stay the same?

Our knowledge of animals, including humans, will deepen this term as we learn about the circulatory system within our Science unit this term.


Why is art important to humankind?

In our painting unit, which we began last term, focusses on the concept of visual culture, we are examining the work of both Turner and Van Gogh and what makes their landscape painting so significant to modern culture.

Physical Education (PE):


How does endurance help you to succeed?


How does correct balance help you to perform?


Can music help us to process life’s big emotions?

This term we are leading a thanksgiving service at the Stump to mark Armistice day as well as holding a remembrance service for the school during Collective Worship. Therefore, we are using our Music unit to sing in harmony, holding our part within an increasingly complicated ensemble, to explore how music can be a tool for healing.


Qu’est ce que tu portes aujord’hui?

Within our French unit, we are learning the vocabulary for items of clothes as well as expressing some of our opinions on them!