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Term 1


In English, we have explored an image to help us retrieve what is in a sentence. The children have been recalling what capital letters looked like and where they should be placed. They quickly progressed onto expanding their vocabulary to describe the image to. During the week, they were able to ask questions about the image in order to infer more information.


Maths - Place Value

Using the concrete apparatus and the bar part model the children found and used the most suitable way to partition and explain the value of two and three digit numbers. The children enjoyed explaining their method and demonstrated confidence when doing so.


Science - Rocks and Soils

To begin our Science, the children made a mind map of all their current knowledge about rocks so that we can add to it later in the term. They then played a game of What am I? They looked at a type of rock zoomed in and then made sensible predictions about what it could be. They quickly discovered that it was chalk. Outside, the children went on a rock hunt before exploring and learning about the three types of rock - sedimentary, igneous and metamorphic. 



Singing Fun 

The children have mastered the song 'Open The Eyes Of My Heart' by Michael W Smith along with some actions too! Great work, Year 3! Their voices are sounding beautiful! 


PE - Fitness in action

In PE, we are developing our fitness skills focusing on the following; speed, strength, agility and balance. The children working through the different challenges at the different stations, were quick to see the key foci in action. They all completed the challenges successfully.


Guided Reading

'The Iron Man' has hooked the class already. Week A (whole class) has seen the children explore the first chapter and respond to the VIPER questions carefully. We enjoyed when the children were able to explain their answers too. I wonder what will happen next?


RE - Hinduism

In RE, the children observed salt being poured into water and how it disappeared comparing it to Brahman (the one true God) being in all living things. The children were able to understand that it was inside and that is why Hindus are vegetarian. They explored the three Gods of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva that create Brahman. 


DT - Levers

In DT, we are learning about the mechanisms that enable pop-up books to work. We have looked at pulleys, levers, folds and turns. We practiced how these worked by creating some pop-up cards for friends and family. Everyone did an amazing job and showed resilience and commitment to the challenge.


PSHE - Relationships

In PSHE, we are learning about how every family is different. We have thought about our own families and listened to our friends as they explained who is in their close and extended family. We found it interesting that every family is different. Belonging has been an important word that we have used in all our lessons so far, and we don't just belong to our family unit, but also our school community as well as other outside clubs and activities that we attend.


Maths - comparing

In Maths, we are learning about place value. We have recapped partitioning from year 2 and used the comparison symbols to find numbers that are greater or less than each other. We can also recognise a number when it is written down in word form as well as digits.


PE - Football

The children have been working hard on controlling the ball with different parts of the body. The children have learnt how to cushion the ball to take out all of the power from the pass. This then gives them a chance to dribble or pass again in good time. Excellent effort and ability shown, Year 3! 


Science - Rocks and Soils 

The children explored the three different types of rock further by making their own sedimentary, metamorphic and igneous rock using Starburst sweets. The children worked scientifically by adding pressure and squashing their two Starburst sweets together which created layers like sedimentary rock. Next, we added some heat using a microwave before letting it cool down - this rock is metamorphic. When it cooled down, we were able to mould it into different shapes. Then, to make igneous rock, we added further heat which completed melted and burnt our sweets, changed the colour and created lots of bubbles. Excellent work! 



The children discussed different feelings linked to different situations that they may face in day to day life. They certainly came up with many feelings and examples.


Using a rotating pin wheel design, the children were able to make their picture in their sequence of learning. They used the learning wall to recap previous learning and skills they have learnt already. It was fantastic to see all the children at work and listening to them as they talked through the steps.