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Term 1

Welcome to Term 1!

This term we will be gaining so many skills by learning in different ways.


Each subject is taught discretely so that we know what it is like to work in the different subject disciplines. In each subject, we have a key question to consider. We will retrieve what we know at the start of term and then add information after each lesson to help us formulate an answer at the end. This will enable us to draw on all of our learning to give a full answer with explanation. See below for some of the questions and our learning that will help us answer our key questions.


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We Are Team Courage!


We have had a great first week getting to know one another and the expectations we have of each other.



We started our learning in Maths this week looking at how we can represent numbers using different manipulatives like place value counters, dienes, lollypop sticks, rods and place value arrow cards. 

In Music today we learnt about the meanings of duration and tempo in music. Duration means how long each note is played/sung for and tempo tells us the general speed of the music. We watched a video of a choir performing a song where they were using different durations.

We then discussed if all instruments can create different durations. We choose        different instruments  and experimented with them to create different durations and tempos.




In Science this week we have looked at different states of matter: solid, liquid and gas and by using our prior knowledge we sorted the materials into the different groups. We also looked at how we could classify shaving foam and jelly. What would you sort these materials into?



In English today, we hot-seated King Hrothgar as we developed our descriptions of Grendel. We focused on specific features that he may have such as any warts, scars and any missing limbs! We used our preposition skills to describe where these features were on Grendel.

In RE today Reverend Sally came in and talked to us about the different services that are held during Holy Week in the Christian Church, from Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday. She explained how different services are held on each day over Holy Week and the importance of those services to Christians.