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Term 5

Week 1


This week we introduced our new Music unit of singing. We started by looking at how we can chant in unison. Chants are used to warm up our voices and we practiced doing these in unison which means together and at the same time as everyone else. We used the chant 'Boom Chicka Boom' and included the actions too. The children were able to do this in unison!



In Maths, we have returned to the world of fractions! We have been finding fraction of amounts using unit fractions and non-unit fractions too. In order to do this, we have used multiple strategies including sharing and our knowledge of multiplication and division facts. The children have made excellent progress! 



In French this term we are learning French colours. The children practiced saying them out loud and then were able to identify them using flashcards. In order to support learning, we listened to a catchy song which went through all the colours so we could sing along too. We will develop this further into writing in the coming weeks ahead! 



We are using a new text called 'Jack and the Baked Beanstalk' - a twisted tale - in order to create a fascinating character description on the giant. We have explored and enjoyed the story, gathered vocabulary to describe and created sentences including expanded noun phrases. Our next step is to start bringing all of this together to create our own character description! Exciting times ahead...


Week 2

This week we had fun learning a new chant in Music. We all enjoyed chanting Boom Chicka Boom whilst changing the pitch throughout the song. In Maths we have been working incredibly hard to master finding fractions of amounts. We looked at how we use the numerator and denominator to help us find different amounts of whole numbers. In PE, we began to study maps in preparation for out orienteering. We understood that North needs to be marked on our map to help us set the map in place. In Geography, we started our learning on the rainforest. We began by exploring biomes and even created our own biome in a bottle!


Week 3

King Charles III Coronation

This week we have been extremely excited as we approach the King's coronation. We have explored the history of the name 'King Charles' and learnt about the previous Kings with this name. We took part in a coronation picnic and had a photo to help remember this very special occasion! 


Week 4


This week in French we practiced how to ask somebody 'What is your favourite colour?' by saying 'Quel est la couleur preferee?'. In response we say 'Ma couleur preferee est...' before adding the colour. We recapped the colours in French and the children are becoming more fluent week by week! We worked in pairs with one person asking the question and the other person responding before swapping roles. 


PE (Orienteering)

This week we practiced setting a map correctly and recapped creating a map with symbols too. We learnt that a map starts with a red triangle and the control points are added by using a red circle. The children were then challenged to find all the control points in pairs, add them to their map correctly and identify the matching letters too! The children completed this challenge whilst ensuring their map continued to be set correctly. 


Week 5


In Computing, we have been exploring desktop publishing through images and text. The children have learnt how to adapt the font style, colour and size whilst using placeholders to hold text where necessary. Also, the children have explored page orientation so they can design their own magazine template using portrait and landscape settings. 


English - Narrative Writing - Jack and the Baked Beanstalk

In English, the children have been using Jack and the Baked Beanstalk as a hook to write their own narrative story. We have used the story and included substitutions when retelling. We have really enjoyed reading, acting out and substituting parts of the story to get our own version.