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Reading for Pleasure

Fantastic Mr Fox


Class Thankfulness have chosen Fantastic Mr Fox by Roald Dahl as their class text this term. The children hare thoroughly enjoying listening to it each day.


In English we will be looking at texts by Anthony Browne.

Little Beauty


A very special gorilla is taught a very special skill: sign language. He appears to have everything he needs, but one day he signs that he is sad and needs a friend. His keepers bring him a tiny cat called Beauty and the two of them become inseparable.


Do you think the gorilla is a nice character?

Why do you think he might be sad?

Do you think the cat is his friend?

The Night Shimmy


Eric doesn't like to talk. His secret friend, the Night Shimmy, says everything for him. Then he meets Marcia, who doesn't mind that he is quiet. As the two become friends, the Night Shimmy disappears. Angry and scared, Eric refuses to play with Marcia. But soon she needs his help and Eric discovers that he doesn't need his imaginary friend after all.


How can you tell he is flying at night time?

Why doesn't Eric like to talk?

What do you think will happen in this story?

Who is the Night Shimmy?

The Twits


Thankfulness Class have chosen 'The Twits' by Roald Dahl as their class text this term. The children are thoroughly enjoying the story so far and look forward to listening to it being read to them each day.


Have a go at answering these questions about the text.


1. What is your favourite part of the story so far?

2. What sort of character is Mr Twit?

3. Can you predict how the story might end?

4. Can you write a character description of Mrs Twit?