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Term 5

On the farm


As we move into our Summer term we begin to look at the exciting world of farming! The children will be learning about where food comes from, what farming is and how to stay happy and healthy, making good life style choices. Children will also be looking at different animals which they may find on a farm and how they are part of the farming world. In Maths this term the children will be using all of the knowledge they have gained so far on numbers from 0-10 to now move beyond 10! An exciting term ahead!

The children have begun their learning about farms, looking at a book called Farmer Duck. This is the story of a lazy farm and a very busy duck. The children used pictures from the story to sequence in the correct order and create a story mountain. In Maths the children have begun to look at numbers beyond 10, this was a very exciting next step in their learning and they have loved finding out about how numbers beyond ten are made up. Alongside all of this the children have embraced the improved springtime weather, their passion for the outdoors being reignited with them demonstrating their imagination in different ways with their friends.

The children have been looking at the story 'The tiny seed' by Eric Carl. We were amazed at the power of something so small and decided that it does not matter how big something is, it can still do amazing things. The children have explored a seed and begun to look at planting. we looked at the changes which happen through the year and how this can affect a plants growth. We were very excited to have a visit from Willoughby Foods tractor. We all had chance to have a sit in it and learnt about the different roles a tractor has on a farm and how to keep safe if we should see a tractor outside of school.


We also had our first 'Booknic' we loved going outside and having some quality time with a book of our choice, we even took some of our classroom friends with us, Buddy Bear really liked the story about a shark.

The children have been exploring different instruments and the sounds which they create. They have been using Boom Whackers, they noticed that the different lengths made different sounds. They used a range of them together to create a musical piece.

In our Maths lessons, the children have been practicing their addition by solving addition stories. The children enjoyed looking at the different amounts and solving the total. The children could explain that when we add amounts together, the total amount becomes bigger. Some children have progressed onto using vocabulary such as `more`, `greater than`, `increase`, `total` and `altogether` when finding the answer to their problem.