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Term 3

Speeches Week

During our first week of English this term, Peace class have been developing a speech about the reasons that all nations should cease being part of conflicts and war.

Each person was asked to speak for between 1 and a half and two minutes using only small, prompt cards...


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Did the events at the end of ‘The Great War’ cause World War Two?

Building upon our learning on The Great War, we have examined the treaty of Versailles and the impact this had on the people of Germany. Our learning will focus on the global events of The Second World War – such as the horrors The Holocaust – as well as Lincolnshire (or bomber county)’s role in the war. We will be plotting where the bombs fell in Boston and using stories to learn about life in Boston in the 1940s.

In history this week, we learned about appeasement. We had a debate about whether appeasement was a good idea or not.


How does art convey emotion?

During this drawing unit, we will be exploring how we can use different media to create emotion through our work. Henry Moore – well known for his sculptures – was asked to document the events of the Blitz in London while people to shelter in the underground stations during air raids. His drawings were mainly made through using wax-resist and water colour – we shall be evaluating his work before moving on to creating works of our own…

Do time signatures feel different?

This term we are beginning our long-awaited journey in playing the recorder. We are beginning with the basics of fingering notes to produce a pure sound before we pursue reading and playing simple and well-known tunes.

Working as musicians

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We have been practising 'London's Burning' this week. Here is a short clip from our practise.


Which is more important: mental or physical health?

Change, grief and loss: this term we are examining and delving into some painful emotions and how we can self-regulate when we feel anxious or upset. These lessons are an important self-reflection on how each of us must nurture our mental health – however old we become – and it will give us each a tool kit on how to deal with uncomfortable thoughts and challenging emotions. 


Is French history all that different to British History?

For part of French day, we learned about Joan of Arc. We took notes, and role-played what her last words may have been.


Are Science and religion conflicting or complementary?

This term, we will be Understanding Christianity by looking at the story of creation from Genesis 1 and what this means to different Christians. The Scientific narratives of cosmology and of creation will make for interesting reads as we attempt to see if Science complements of conflicts with religious ideas of creation. 


How do characteristics support classification?

Today, we learned about the way in which animals are classified.

Today, we have showcased our knowledge of microorganisms,


In PE this term, we have been learning different genres of dance, including Bhangra and Disco. We have worked on building different routines after practising the different dance moves. 

Disco Dancing

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We worked in groups to put together a groovy disco routine.