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Term 1

We have had a fantastic start to Year 1 and have enjoyed beginning our learning journey. Here is what we have been up to already:


Reflective Garden


We have visited the Reflective Garden which was a perfect opportunity to share our own stories and discuss what the reflective garden can be used for. We all enjoyed exploring the area and many of us said how peaceful it was! We look forward to visiting the Reflective Garden more and perhaps having a class collective worship there!




In Maths, we have been using our counting skills. We have enjoyed learning new counting songs to join in with and have been introduced to ten frames. We have been able to create a number using the ten frame by carefully counting objects and putting them into the ten frame. We know that if ten frame is full it shows the value of ten, and if the ten frame is empty it shows the value of zero. We have enjoyed using the number cards to select and show the value on the ten frames.


Mini First Aid!


Year 1 have been very lucky to have taken part in the Mini First Aid course this week. We have been able to understand what to do in an emergency and what to do if we or others are hurt. We displayed fantastic listening skills throughout the session and enjoyed putting some of our first aid skills to use; learning how to put somebody in the recovery position, applying plasters and practising a 999 emergency call. We are very proud of how well the children listened to this course and their confidence to explain their understanding. 





During PE this week, we have been able to follow instructions by using our listening skills. We have been thinking about the information before completing an action. We were able to develop our social awareness of others when moving around to keep everyone safe, show honesty when playing and understand and react to given information. We then reflected on why these aspects are important in more than one way. 




In DT this week, we have been exploring free-standing structures. We used a range of items to help construct our own free-standing structures, whilst using key terms such as join and bend. We know that a free-standing structure stands on its own without support. 




This week we have been introduced to one more and one less. We have also been completing a range of activities by retrieving our counting to 10 knowledge. We have enjoyed exploring different ways in which we can apply our knowledge to different contexts.




In Art, we are exploring sculpture. We have looked at Balloon Dog and Brazilian Fish which are two different types of sculpture. We have explored both of them and looked closely at their structure, creating our own Balloon Dogs and Brazilian Fish. We have then looked carefully at the similarities and differences of these sculptures and what makes them unique. 




We discovered something very unusual in our school this week! An old chest filled with old toys.. We had great fun exploring the school grounds whilst hunting for clues as to where the chest could be. After we found the chest, we gathered in the outside learning area to explore the items inside.