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Archive 2019-2020

What is so important for Christians about Holy Week and Easter?


As we approach Holy Week, let us reflect upon the importance of these events to Christians. Easter is the most important Christian festival. It is the time that Christians remember Jesus’ crucifixion, when he died on the cross, and his resurrection, when he came back to life.
Click the link below to visit the RE Quest website, to find out more about Holy Week. 



The Launch of our Class Names


What a fantastic start to the year, with the launch of our new class names. We have decided our new class names should be a virtue, which is especially chosen by each class. A virtue is an action to our core values. Each class have carefully discussed and chosen a virtue, which they will live out through action for the year. 

The virtues are as followed: 


  RS - Class Love 

 RT - Class Joy

1P - Class Gentleness 

1T - Class Kindness

2S - Class Thankfulness 

2K - Class Gratitude

3M- Class Forgiveness 

3S - Class Honesty

4W- Class Hope

4S - Class Courage

5C- Class Tolerance

5F - Class Diversity

6G - Class Peace

6C - Class Humility



Epiphany comes from the Greek word ‘epiphaneia’, meaning appearance. The Feast of Epiphany is a Christian celebration, which usually takes place in churches on the 6th January, marking the end of the 12 days of Christmas. It is a celebration of Baby Jesus being seen by the visitors, who had travelled to see him. 




Today in Mrs Morris' Collective Worship, she spoke about our theme for the week of Respect. We looked at how we show respect, with a focus on putting ourselves before others. Mother Teresa was a key figure we focused on today and how she committed all of her life to God, the church and others. Mrs Morris set us a task as a class to discuss how we would do things for others, without thinking about ourselves. 

Within Collective Worship we were fortunate to have a visit from Trevor, who is a representative of both St Botolph's Church and the Foodbank in Boston. He spoke to us about how it runs, he showed us pictures of items which are accepted at the Foodbank and for what reasons people would use the Foodbank. 


The members of the Church School Council were chosen to represent the school at the opening of the Memorial Garden in Boston this week. They were excellent role models and had very thoughtful reflections about the service. It was a beautiful service, where we remembered the fallen men and women by laying a wreath on the cenotaph. 



Our theme for this week is Resilience. An image of a spring was shown in CW; why would an image of a spring be relevant to resilience? We discussed the pressure we put on ourselves. Something goes right and we relax and bounce back. Things will happen in our lives, that we have to bounce back for. 

We looked at this in a sporting context and watched a video of a speed skater- it is not about the medal he wins, it is about how he has shown resilience and trained for 12 years; gaining two injuries during this time. In the finals, 3 out of 4 fell. Did he win it by accident? Did he deserve it for that race? He had 2 minutes to think about whether he deserved the gold medal. He said he took it for the 12 years of training and the injuries he has bounced back from. 


Recapping on our knowledge of Joseph, he was resilient because he was sold for slavery by his brothers and he didn’t give up.   A lot happened to Joseph, he coped by maintaining faith in God and believing that God can bring good out of dark situations. 


Power, love and self-control:

What promise can you make to yourself?

This week our theme is Respect. 

During CW, we discussed tolerance and spoke about respect in a sporting context and then religions in the community. 


Respect everyone, and love your Christian brothers and sisters. Fear God, and respect the king. 

1 Peter 2:17


We have had a fantastic week exploring our key theme of Compassion. Reverend Sue discussed helping helping people in our community, with the support of the food bank. She shared the story 'Pool of Bethesda' in John 5:1-15. We then discussed further, how we can put ourselves in others shoes. What does it feel like? How can we help them? 


Therefore, as God's chosen people, holy and dearly loved, clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience. 

Colossians 3:12 

Our theme for the week is Trust. During Collective Worship this morning, we explored the story of Noah's Ark and the valuable lessons, which are demonstrated within. We spoke about how Noah put his trust in God and Noah's family put their trust in Noah. We thought about how others show trust to us and how we can reciprocate it. 

How will you be a trustworthy person?