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Term 6

Poetry Slam 2022

This term in English, we kicked started our. English off with a poetry slam. Everyone in the school were given a poem to learn, perform in class and then the chosen group were then asked to perform in the final. Our poem we were given was titled ‘Mummy’ which focused on the mummification process of Egyptian pharaohs. The children had great fun performing the poem and many of us did not need the poem in front of us when we were performing it as we had learnt it all. 



French - Breakfast

This term in French, we are focusing on naming items we would eat in French. From this, we are going to articulate and write sentences about which item we would like in French.


YMCA - Rock Climbing, Parkour and STEM Activity - Sports Trip

What an amazing day we have had! We all loved our Sports Trip at YMCA in Lincolnshire where we tried rock climbing, parkour and a STEM activity. It pushed our resilience and our teamwork skills as we tackled these new challenges. All the children had a great time and we would love to go back.



Walsingham - Pilgrimage

Today, we went on our very own Pilgrimage to Walsingham Shrine. Before lunch, we were medieval pilgrims and after lunch, we were modern day pilgrims. We walked around the abbe6band paid our respects when the bells rang out. Once in the shrine, we all lit a candle and said a prayer and reflected. It truly was an amazing, spiritual day!