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Term 5

Children's Interest

After returning from the school trip, the children were keen to find more insects and build their own bug hotel. They decided to play with the pretend ones and demonstrate how they would care for them. 





Trip to Tattershall Farm Park

Love Class had the most wonderful time meeting the animals and retrieving their names and their baby names before feeding many of them, looking at how and where they lived. They experienced walking a goat and became detectives when hunting for insects. 











Art outside

Using the paints, chalks and felt pens, the children have been able to create their own images. They discussed the reasons they had created the images. Expressive work indeed.




Counting and recording numbers

Using images of minibeasts, the children had to count them and then record the corresponding number. Impressive counting heard from all the children. 




Exploring textures and paint 

Using a variety of materials such as cotton pads, bubble wrap, paper and paint, the children have created their own interpretation a sheep.




Potting up plants and selling them in the flower shop

Great conversations have been heard this week as the children pot up the plants, discuss colours and size of flowers and then counting money to sell them. I have smiled every time they have presented me with a bunch of flowers.





Developing gross motor skills through using our feet

During our PE lesson, the children were able dribble the ball with the inside of their foot and then begin to pass it to a partner accurately. The children were then able to count how many passes they completed in 30 seconds. Great improvement seen throughout the session.






Exploring the stream

After watching the ducks float on the stream, the children then found ways of collecting them safely. They especially enjoyed using the nets!



Emotions - identifying and discussing

After reading Ravis' roar, the children thought about their own emotions and how they felt. They thought about activities they liked and made them feel happy and calm before choosing their own on to draw.




Adding ten and ones

Using the numicon, the children were able to count on from 10. They were quick to recognise numbers 11-19. Impressive counting by all the children.