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Term 4

Welcome back!

We have lots of exciting activities planned this term which I am sure the children will love sharing with you all!



This term we are looking at the place value of numbers within 50. This will include using a  number line,  partitioning numbers into tens and ones and finding one more and one less. We will be using tens frames and tens and ones grids to help us partition numbers into 10s and 1s.



We are beginning this term with the text 'Jack and the beanstalk'. We shall we looking at the vocabulary used within the text, participating in lots of role play and drama activities, ordering parts of the story before finally writing our own stories.



Are we all the same or are we all different?

We are continuing this term learning more about birds and mammals before finally gaining an understanding of the five senses. The children will be making their own birds and labelling them with the key parts, which will then help them to discuss what a beak and feathers are for and how they birds are different to other animals. 



How has farming changed over time?

This term we are learning all about farming in the past. We will be looking at how machinery has changed over time and the lasting impact that tractors have had. To begin with we will be learning about the different types of farming and looking at the differences between arable and pastoral farming.


Design Technology

Why is food tasting important?                            

In DT we will be tasting lots of different fruits and vegetables to help us decide which fruits we want to use when we create our own food kebabs. We will be learning how to peel, chop and prepare our own fruit before we finally  taste them and evaluate our product.



How can we make a clean sound?

This term we will be investigating a new woodwind instrument, the Ocarina. We will be labelling the different parts of an ocarina and learn how to play a simple tune.