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Term 3


Artefact Box from Lincoln Museum

We have been very lucky to have been loaned an artefact box from Lincoln Museum that holds many real and replica Viking artefacts. We started by having a part of an image of a artefact and made a prediction on what we thought it was. We then started our archaeological research by investigating the objects and answering questions on what we think the objects were. We then found out there real use and what materials they were made from.

In History this term, we are investigating the Vikings and how they were able to trade around the world. We will be exploring artefacts and investigating their mode of transport. 


In Science this term, we will be investigating electricity and which materials allow electricity to pass through. Following this, we will look at the work of Thomas Edison.


In PSHE, we will be focusing on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle and how to look after him as a physical and mental health. 

PSHE - healthy, balanced lifestyle

Our first lesson in PSHE has seen us understand what activities were good and bad for our physical and mental health. This allowed us then to have a rich discussion with our partners and as a class on how we can keep a balanced lifestyle.


In RE this term, we are focusing on Muslims and the religion of Islam. We will investigate their rituals and the festivals that they celebrate. 


In PE, we are focusing on Tennis and Dance. In tennis, we are focusing on the shots and shot choice and in dance, we are focusing on creating sequences with flow. 


In Art, we are going to be focusing on the artists Jackson Pollock and Leonardo Da Vinci and trying to replicate their work. 


In Computing, we are going to be using a program called Turtle Academy to write algorithms using code snippets and eventually learning how to debug problems. 

Computing - Logo

In this lesson, we have been working on commands and why it is important to be accurate with commands. We then investigated what happens when we write longer code snippets. We had fun playing on the program!


In Music this term, we are going to be using Ukuleles as we continue to learn chords and adding that to a final performance. 


This term, French will be taking place on a French day where we will be comparing French and English schools.