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Term 5

Sketching  in the style of John Macallan Swan

Over the last few weeks, the children have been developing their sketching techniques to create images of tigers. They have learnt how to hold the pencil and sketch lightly. Today they learnt that there are different gradings of pencils and explored how to make areas lighter and darker.






Fractions - ordering

The children have been working hard to understand the different values of fractions and what this means when you are ordering them from smallest to largest or largest to smallest.





In our Computing lessons, we have explored and developed the skills of copying and pasting images, changing font colour and size so that we can create an appropriate magazine page about out current artist John Macallan Swan.




RE- Celebrations to remember




After exploring celebrations that would help others remember, we quickly realised that these may cause different emotions such as sadness. We then discussed the positives and negatives of remembering celebrations and then in pairs the children created their own persuasive speech.

English - story writing

The children have been hard at work developing their stories about the character of Spiro. Using year three features such as fronted adverbials, punctuation for dialogue, improved choices of vocabulary and maintaining a consistent tense, the children have been gripped. They had produced some lovely ideas so far.





Music - singing  

It is very exciting this term as the children progress with their musical skills in singing. They have explored how to sing in rounds this week, learning how to keep singing even when another group begin at a different point. We cannot wait to see where it leads.


French - introduction to colours




After rehearsing the terms for the colours in French, the children located the names and matched them to the colours. They then played a game to try and remember them. The progress is fantastic.

Reading Picnic

As part of our reading for pleasure, the children chose a book and enjoyed relaxing on the blankets and chairs whilst reading them. They were able to share their thoughts and were keen to discuss the theme, character and descriptive phrases seen.





English - Role-playing events

After exploring the story in more detail, the children recreated the events showing each other how the character would behave with expression. The children were able to explain in detail and model well.



The children have been learning how to interpret simple maps in order to locate objects before they begin hunting for letters and numbers outside over the next few weeks. The children have been able to move around in small teams supporting one another and communicating clearly. 


PSHE - building relationships 

The children have been working with Family Action to learn how to communicate and build relationships with one another. They learnt that they would need to listen to one another, communicate clearly, think carefully and work together. Through a variety of games and activities the children really did do well.





English - ordering the events of the story

After watching the video and discussing the plot, the children picked out key features. They spoke about where and what the character of Spiro did such as trying to collect the letter, meeting the bear, jumping onto the stallion and arriving at the gates. 






PSHE - What is the law?

The children explored what the law was and why we have it. They discussed the laws they knew about and how these are similar to rules. We thought about the rules in religions and then reflected about which we thought were the most important, providing justifications as to why.

Science - a balanced diet

After learning about what the words carbohydrates, protein, vitamins, minerals and calcium meant, the children learnt about what foods made these groups and why they were so important to our bodies. After looking at the food pyramid on the wall, the children then designed their own healthy plate.

Fractions - counting in tenths and decimals

As part of the fraction work, the children have been able to count and order in tenths. They have been able to use the counters to help them understand how 2/10 would be equivalent to 0.2. Through reasoning and problem solving, the children have then applied their knowledge and understanding.


Art - drawing

To begin the work about the artist John McCallan Swan, the children found out some information about him and looked closely at his drawings of big cats. They have made their own comments linked to art terms about his work.