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Term 6


This term in English, we are starting with retrieving non-chronological reports. We are going to apply our understanding over many different types of examples of non-chronological reports but first, we needed to retrieve the features of a non-chronological report before we write one about our trip to Walsingham last term. 

Well-being Wednesday

Well-being Wednesday returned this week and we were lucky to be joined from our friends in Year 5. We walked around the reflective garden and listened to what was around and enjoyed the nature within our reflection garden. 


In PSHE, we were looking at how products can be advertised digitally. Did you know there are at least 4 different types of adverts online? These are sponsored ads, vlogs, adverts in between content and in-game adverts. We then were tasked with designing an advert for a new computer game. We were only given 10 minutes to create our first draft. Then, Mr Shortland gave us guidelines we had to follow to make sure our advert was not forcing people to buy things and then make changes. 


In Geography, we started our unit off by retrieving the features of a river before focusing on the River Nile. We used the atlases to identify which countries the River Nile flows through and where the source of the Nile and the mouth was. Finally we investigated were the tributaries of the River. We were shocked when we discovered how long the River Nile is!

Our 2nd lesson in Geography saw us retrieving why the Egyptians settled near the River Nile. The Egyptians had built their calendar around the River Nile and divided their calendar into three seasons. Akhet or inundation was considered to be the first season and was the time of the flooding of the Nile. The next season was named the Peret which was the growing season, when seeds were planted and finally the Shemu, the harvest season. We designed our own Egyptian calendar to help us show our understanding. 


This term in History, we are focusing on the beliefs of the Ancient Egyptians. Our first lesson was to understand about the beliefs of the Egyptians regarding the afterlife. We discussed the afterlife and how important the amulets are to the deceased. We were very interested when we discussed the mummification process and what happens to the organs. Did you know some organs were placed in certain jars called Canopic Jars? The heart was important because it was weighed in the afterlife.