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Term 3

Spring Term Newsletter

Welcome back year 2! We hope you all had a fantastic Christmas break with your families. 

This term the children will be focusing on significant individuals who have made an impact on society today. This will include learning about Florence Nightingale and Mary Seacole and identifying the reasons why they were able to make a difference to hospitals and medicine during the 19th century. We will also explore the different challenges they faced and how it was different for each individual. In our RE lessons we will continue to build upon your understanding of Islam and the Quran's teachings. In PE, we will explore the units of Dance and Target games. In our Science learning this term, the children will be identifying different materials and understanding the characteristics and how materials can be used in different ways. In art we will be looking at sculpture and creating our own sculptures using Spring as a stimulus.


In maths this week, the children have continued their learning on multiplication. They have used equipment to build their own arrays to match a multiplication number sentence. The children found out that multiplication can be done in any order. The children then wrote multiplication sentences to match different arrays.


In English, the children have started to learn about non-chronological reports. They have spent some time exploring a range of reports and identifying features. The children then used laptops, ipads and books to research information about polar bears in preparation for writing their own reports.


In PSHE this week, the children looked at a range of different medicines and what they can be used for. They talked about that medicines can help us to feel better but they can also be harmful if not taken correctly. The children thought about people who we can accept medicines from and the importance of storing them safely at home.


In computing, the children have been learning about algorithms. This week they used logical reasoning to predict outcomes. They gave the bee bot different commands and predicted where they thought the bee bot would end up. The children then tested their predictions. We discussed that when you are working as a computer programmer, it is OK to make mistakes but it is important to find out where you went wrong and solve the problem.