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Meet the Librarians

At St Thomas' we love to read! We are lucky enough to have a school library and a team of librarians who love to run it. Pupils have taken on the task of cataloguing, scanning, sorting and ordering new books to keep the library current and interesting to all of our pupils. Librarians often give up their lunch time to check the library and other books around school are in the right places and also spend time reading to younger pupils and making recommendations to others of what to read.


Books for the Library

After a great book sale in school, we earned some new books for the library for us all to share!

Being a librarian makes me feel proud and have more confidence, The more you read, the smarter you get and the more confidence and fluency you have. I love that books give you answers to questions and important facts for your learning. I love to share this with everyone in school. R Y4


I wanted to be a librarian so that I had responsibility for sorting the books we have in school. I have lots of ideas I want to share to make sure the books are arranged in the best ways. A Y5


I love having the opportunity to be a librarian. I want it to help me get better at reading and for me to be able to encourage other people to start reading too.

J Y5


I wanted to be a librarian because it is really important that everyone reads. I look forward to reading books to other children in our school and sharing the happiness that reading brings. 

E Y4


I love being a librarian because you can explore more about books and encourage others to borrow them too.

Y Y5


Being a librarian influences me to be responsible with books and I'm able to recommend books to others too.

B Y5