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Meet the Librarians

At St Thomas' we love to read! We are lucky enough to have a school library and a team of librarians who love to run it. Pupils have taken on the task of cataloguing, scanning, sorting and ordering new books to keep the library current and interesting to all of our pupils. Librarians often give up their lunch time to check the library and other books around school are in the right places and also spend time reading to younger pupils and advising others what to read.


Here are some of our proud librarians.

I love being a librarian, it gives me the chance to encourage people to read more and to learn new things. L-M Y4


Being a librarian has allowed me to learn new facts and understand new words from my reading, I feel I have been able to discover more and share my learning from books with others. E Y3


I'm a librarian so that I can inspire others to read.

S Y6


Being a librarian has allowed me to be a leader, learning how the library works myself so that I can share this with others. I want to help others to enjoy books and care for them.

T Y3

Our Wonderful New Library

Review, review, review!

The librarians are delighted to have the opportunity to review Maz Evans' new book about Scarlett Fife. One of them was so excited they had finished reading it in two nights! We were sent ten copies to read and review. We can't wait to talk about the character and what she gets up to before sending our reviews in. If you would like to read it after the librarians, please come and see Mrs Smith!