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Number formation

Let your child have fun with feathers. Place some coloured sand in a tray and then give your child some numbers to copy using the feather.



To help your child learn how to write their numbers, give them a tray of salt and number cards. Using their finger, a paintbrush or even a stick ask them to copy the number.



Can your child collect up some stones and make numbers using them?



Give your child some tin foil and ask them how many different numbers they can create.




Having fun with numbers!

How about using chalks to draw numbers for your child to then paint over with water. Your child will love this fun activity and learn how to write their numbers at the same time! 


Another fun activity is to use pipe cleaners to form the numbers.


Enjoy learning your numbers in these fun ways.



Sticky Flower Number Formations


Have fun creating some summer numbers.

You could use sticky plastic and draw the numbers on, sticky tape and create the number formations or use glue.

Then allow your child to create the numbers by using petals or leaves.



When finished and after lots of praise, play together using bugs (or pictures of bugs you could draw) and could out the bugs to match the number. 


Have Fun!