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St Thomas' CE Primary Academy

Term 6


Our history unit has become a very popular one already as we have been studying life in 1912. We have explored the concept rich and poor and looked at the differences between classes - through hats. We were able to order these by identifying the hats that rich and poor people in 1912 would have. We were introduce to Delia, our main character in our narrative, that we are following because of a special journey she made in her life. We know Delia was a passenger onboard the Titanic... and we have just discovered that the ship hit an iceberg with only 705 people surviving out of the 2227 people that were originally onboard. We are waiting to find out what happened to Delia...



In Maths, we have been learning about position and direction. We have looked at whole turns, half turns and quarter turns and left and right! We went outside to practise our turns and learnt a trick to identify finding left and right by using our hands.



Continuing our Plants unit, we have continued to look at the structure of trees and plants. We enjoy learning new vocabulary to describe the structure of the plants and trees and we used our lovely school grounds to explore the plants and trees we can see!



During our PSHE learning we have been able to have special circle times to identify our strengths. We learnt that this is identifying things we are good at, in and out of school. This was a brilliant lesson to see our school vision of 'encouraging each other' in action. 



In PE, we are working as strikers and fielders. We are working on our different types of throwing, underarm and overarm and how we use these types of throws when we want to the ball to travel at a shorter or further distance.