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Term 4

Welcome back! We hope you all had a lovely half term.


This term there are a lot more exciting learning opportunities. The children will be taking part in pedestrian training with a road safety officer where they will learn about how to cross a road safely.


We will be continuing to learn about different materials in our Science lessons

and will be focussing on the suitability of different materials. In Geography children will be using a range of sources to study a new area (North and South Pole). They will be  making comparisons to our local area. 


In Design Technology, we will be becoming fashion designers and designing and making a bag for an explorer to take with them on an expedition to carry their food and drink.


Our Maths learning this term will be continuing to learn about multiplication before moving on to measurement and then fractions.



Design technology

In design technology, this week the children became fashion designers! They are going to be designing and making their own bag for an explorer to take to the Artic. This week, the children looked at a range of different bags focussing on the user, purpose, materials used and the joining and finishing techniques.

Pedestrian Training!

This week, the children were lucky enough to have a visit from a road safety officer. The children went on a walk in the streets around our school and the children were taught how to cross a road safely and the safest places to cross. 


In maths, the children have been using rulers to measure the length and height of objects in centimetres. The children then ordered objects from longest to shortest and tallest to shortest.


In geography this week, the children continued their learning on the 7 continents of the world. They retrieved their knowledge of compass points to locate where the continents are located. They found each continent using an atlas.

Design Technology

In design technology, the children explored different joining techniques. They looked at gluing, taping and sewing. The children then talked about the most effective joining technique when making their bags.

Volume and Capacity

In maths this week the children have been learning about volume an capacity. We took our learning outside and estimated the capacity of different containers. We then filled up the containers to given volumes and looked at how to read different scales.




As part of our learning on materials, we thought about what materials would make an effective water bottle and why. We applied our previous learning on properties to make accurate prediction. We worked together to plan a fair test and then carried out an experiment to test a range of materials.


In English, we have been exploring extractions. We found out that we an join two words together and use an apostrophe to create a contraction. We worked as part of a team to match the contractions.

Bending, twisting and stretching!


In science we found out that some materials can be shaped in different ways. We started by exploring plastecine to see how it can be shaped by bending, twisting and stretching. We then tested a range of different materials to see how they can be shaped.



In design technology we followed our bag designs to create our very own paper mock ups and templated. We are very proud of our creations and we cannot wait to use these to create our very own bags our of fabric.