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St Thomas' CE Primary Academy

Term 1


In geography we found out about human and physical features. We sorted photographs into

whether they were a human or physical feature. We then talked about the human and physical features that can be found in Boston.



In Maths this week we have started our learning on place value. The children used base 10 and tens frames to make different numbers. The children were then able to say how many tens and how many ones were in each number.


In PE, we have started our Team Building unit. Lots of teamwork, problem solving and fun! 


In Science this term we are exploring plants. We have learnt so far about different types of plants and trees. For example, we completed observational drawings of horse chestnut trees and birch trees. Then, the children looked at the parts of common flowering plants. These main parts are the roots, stem, leaves and flower. We explored the parts and started to look at what they do. 


This term we are learning all about e-safety. We know that e-safety is keeping ourselves safe online. We have looked at how to be SMART online and how to respond if we are worried about anything. We have also discussed personal information and the importance of keeping this PRIVATE. The children used scenarios to sort into categories to show whether the information was suitable to share with somebody or whether it should be kept private. Great job!