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Term 4


Big Question: How does CAD aid the development of a prototype?


For DT this term, we are learning all about mechanisms! We have spent time designing our own tech invention – inspired by the work of Elon Musk. We have since begin to understand how gears and pulleys work within designs. We even got the opportunity to make and test out our own pulleys this week!

Today, we worked in groups to create our products.


For English, we have been looking at the book ‘How to Cook Children’ by Martin Howard. This is an amusing recipe book, featuring recipes from a variety of witches. We spent time considering what the appearance of our own witches would be, and annotating phrases they may use in their recipes round our character designs.

These are some of the designs we came up with.


Big Question: How do natural disasters change our world?


In geography this term, we are learning about natural disasters, and the impact they have on our world. To date, we have worked: as cartographers as we have identified the locations of volcanoes within the ring of fire; as land ecologists, as we have discussed the reasons that people choose to settle near volcanoes; and as seismologists, as we have learned about tsunamis. We have learned how each of these natural disasters occurs, and spent time discussing the impact they can each have on communities. 

This week in geography, we drew cross-sections of volcanoes, to demonstrate our understanding of how they are formed.

This week, we showcased our work as seismologists creating a double-page spread about tsunamis.



For PE this term, we are developing our gymnastics skills, as well as putting our orienteering skills into practise.

Today, as gymnasts, we used our core muscles for stability.

In orienteering this term, we have worked hard to apply our knowledge of map reading to navigate our way to different checkpoints around the school.


Big Question: If something is unplanned, can it be managed?


For PSHE this term, we have been learning about the risks and effects around illegal and legal drugs. We have discussed reasons why some people may choose to take drugs (e.g. medication needed for ailments, or pressure at a party to drink alcohol), as well as talking about how we would respond to different situations. We have also spent time learning about how legal drugs can be beneficial from a medical perspective.


Big Question: Christianity and Science - conflicting or complementary?


For RE this term, we are building on our knowledge from term 3. We have spent lots of time engaging in discussions about differing beliefs between science and Christianity. We have had the opportunity to investigate biblical psalms, which help us to understand how Christians developed beliefs about the esteem in which God holds them, as well as their roles on Earth.

This week in RE, we looked at what Psalm 8 could tell us about God.


Big Question: What is the impact of our life choices on our health?


Our science this term is about healthy life choices. We have spent time discussing the dangers associated with drug and alcohol use, and the impact this can have on our body. For part of our science this term, we had a visitor from an alcohol addiction charity come in to speak to us. The session, called ‘Open the box’, helped to reinforce our understanding of effects that drugs and alcohol can have on a person’s body.

Today, we have learned about the effects of different drugs on the body.

We have discussed the dangers associated with smoking, and created our own information sheets about this.

Today, we responded to our big question for the term: 'What is the impact of our life choices on our health?'

Mother's Day


For mother’s day this year, we spent time practising our etching skills as we etched a design of a dragonfly - it required a lot of concentration, as you can see!

Our etchings were then printed onto card to form part of our mother’s day cards, which we gave to the wonderful women in our lives.