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Term 2

Curriculum overview Term 2

Who is the most important person?

Welcome back! We hope you have had a lovely break and are ready to embark on our next chapter of learning.

This term we shall be focusing on the theme of people who help us. We will be looking at many different jobs and the importance of these people within our community. The children will also be learning about bonfire night and how to stay safe, light and dark, the festival of Diwali and finally we shall have lots of fun exploring nocturnal animals and those that will soon be hibernating.          

The first book that we shall be reading is 'Little Red Riding Hood', we have been role playing the story and the children have created their own basket and considered what they may put inside the basket as a gift for Grandma.  In Maths we have been looking at patterns, we have noticed that we are surrounded by patterns of different shapes and sizes, the children have created their own patterns using maths resources as well as objects they found in our outdoor environment.



The children have been looking at addition, they used ladybird mats along with moving spots to combine two groups of amounts physically. In Literacy the children have written a list of objects which they would like to put in Grandmas basket and they have been using their Phonics to write words. We have also looked at the festival of Diwali, the children have loved listening to the story of Rama and Sita and hearing the different ways the festival is celebrated. We used our clay skills to create our own Diya lamps which they children painted and took home. We have also begun to look at our Nativity and the story which it tells.

This week we have been looking at weight and capacity in Maths, we have had great fun, filling containers and then ordering them. we have explored capacity both inside and outside the classroom with water and coloured rice. In weight we have been looking at weighing classroom objects and then ordering them on a scale from heaviest to lightest. 

In Literacy we have had an uninvited guest, he tipped over our chairs and table, he left baskets tipped over, we found a red cloak and animal footprints as well as a tuft of fur. It was the Big Bad Wolf! The children had to use the clues to work out who it was and then create a Wanted poster.


We have been looking at Length in Maths, we have found it really interesting to order different objects from the tallest to the shortest which includes the children and adults in the room. We explored our outdoor area and found some sticks which gave us the idea to try to order them, we then looked at measuring something using cubes, so that we knew how long something was.

In Literacy we have looked at Vets, we love animals and have really enjoyed creating Vets records, using our Phonics skills to write down types of animals and what might be wrong with them.