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Who do you think you are?


Term 4: Who do you think you are? 


This term the children will be focusing on a range of famous individuals who have had an impact on our lives today. These include Ernest Shackleton, Mary Seacole and Florence Nightingale. Year 2 will be given the opportunity to become historians and investigate their lives during the past whilst making comparisons to the present day. 

In Science, we will be focusing on healthy living. This will involve the children investigating how germs spread and why it is important to eat a balance diet. 

If you would like to research more about our topics, there are some books that the children can read at home below.




The children have explored the lives of two famous people this week.  Children have compared Florence Nightingale and Mary Seacole.  The children have investigated artefacts, created their own timeline through roleplay, posed and answered questions, created a story for an artefact and tried to imagine how both ladies struggled to acheive their dream.

Children have mastered using story mountains when sequencing after developing our story telling knowledge in the previous term.  The class understood that in some stories the build up can be more detailed than other stories.


We have been learning about how germs spread and the importane of hygiene.  We have created a on-going experiment to monitor the impact of drinks on copper coins to help understand the importance of cleaning our teeth.



The children explored props to make observations about our mystery famous historic figures, they then used these to create their own stories to how and why they were used.  Florence herself even arrived and was extremely bossy!  She likes things clean!



In RE, we have explored more artifacts, we carefully held them.  We discussed how some of these were similar to Christian artifacts, children had to justify their reasons for which picture was the odd one out applying their knowledge of Islam and the Muslim faith.