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Week Beginning 8th February

Writing to Persuade

This week we recorded our persuasive adverts after writing them, See if you can watch and spot some of the persuasive techniques we have used.


Teeth Total

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Amazing Adverts

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This week we wrote our own persuasive adverts for toothpaste. We had so much fun creating slogans, product names, characters and box designs before filming our own adverts. Fantastic engagement and learning from pupils in school and at home, a big well done to all for our hard work!

Twinkle Toothpaste

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Advertising Fun!

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Shark Paste

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Dr Panda

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Welcome to this week's home learning!

This is the last week of learning before a half term break, you have definitely all earned it! I am so proud of you all; the determination you have shown to complete learning at home with a smile on your face has been great.


Please find below your learning for the week- use the timetable if you wish to follow the same learning as the children who are in school.


Where you see the word video in blue, click on it and it will take you directly to the correct video to support your learning.


As before, please share your completed work on Twitter and via email and let us know how you are getting on.


Remember to ask about anything you are unsure of and book in with Mrs Favell or myself for a video chat where we can help you with any learning. Keep up the good work, I can't wait to see the adverts you produce to persuade us to buy your toothpaste!


Overarching Question Term 3


'Is it always possible to be a good neighbour?'


We have spent lots of time reflecting on what a neighbour is, how we can identify good neighbours and those who are not being neighbourly.


We have identified people around the world who demonstrate being a good neighbour to others through their actions, words and the way they inspire and motivate others and listed ways we can be a good neighbour.


This week, think about if it is always possible to be a good neighbour.

Are there times when the actions of others prevent us from being a good neighbour to them? If we are met with hostility or violence, is it easy to be a good neighbour back? Is it easy for us to model to others how to be a good neighbour when we are met with resistance of our good deeds for others?



Please share your ideas with us at





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E-Safety Day



Maths 3





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Maths 4


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Friday Maths 5 English Reading





Modelled Writing

E Safety Week Activity

Poetry Competition

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