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Week beginning 4th January

This week is an exciting week as we introduce the children to Speeches Week! They  will continue their work in Maths about Perimeter and Area. This will be a handy skill when they are older. In RE, we begin looking at the events that led up to Jesus' death, whilst in Art, we begin observational drawing. Please do take a look at the class pages for updates.

English wc 4th January


This week is Speech Week! We will be watching examples of great orators to identify the features that are needed for an effective speech, then creating our own toolkit (see below). We will be creating our own persuasive speech, about saving the planet - specifically against deforestation later in the week. 

History wc 4th January


History will be a focus this week. Research the famous event that happened in Boston in the17th century. Some links are given here to help you.


This link tells the fascinating story of the link between our Boston and Boston, USA. https://www.mayflower400uk.org/education/virtual-voyages/virtual-voyages-boston/virtual-voyages-boston/ 


This shows the Pilgrims museum in Boston USA  and explains their story (copy and paste this entire link, all three parts are one link)




Pilgrim story told locally https://www.visitlincoln.com/blog/lincolnshire-and-the-mayflower-pilgrims  

Next explain the meaning of the key vocabulary:

Separatist               Puritan            persecution

Then write at least two reasons why Separatists wanted to leave England.


Science will not be taught this week because the History focus has extra time.




Please look at the art work on the Power Point and match to the text. Then choose your favourite to recreate a scene from the story.



We will be looking at drawings and learning how to complete still life. Using the Power Point, can you research about them and then complete the different shading techniques.



Retrieval – What is the phone number for child line?

In Science in Y3, we learnt about the contributing factors to a healthy life style. Can you recall any of them? 

We are focussing on SLEEP this week. What is it? Why is it important sleep do you think?

Using the information from the PowerPoint, chn to make a table of helpful and non-helpful aids to sleeping.


Can you complete the dance moves? Mrs Morris and Mrs Crawford know these moves! Copy and paste the following links. Enjoy!




What about a Joe Wicks workout?