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Week Beginning 30th November

Hello Courage Class, 

I hope you are all ok and finding plenty to keep you busy! Please see the overview of activities for the rest of this week below along with resources, hopefully you can now access them all as we have changed them into PDF's.


Please get in touch if you need anything.


Mrs Smith


We know some of you are having difficulties accessing online learning and you have your CGP books ready at home.

To get you started, please try some of the following pages. 


Maths- pages 2-5, revisit your learning from Year 3. We know you may find some of this tricky so look out for us going through these parts on video with you later.

Revisit Maths learning from year 4 so far by completing any of the pages from 6-13, looking at place value, counting, comparing numbers and rounding.



Pages 2-3 and Pages 4-5. Maybe you can add some of the adverbs into sentences too, to show you now their meaning. Remember to use a sharp pencil!


Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling

Pages 14-15 revisits clauses that we have been doing in school. Try this page and then revisit noun phrases on pages 16-17.

Pages 22-23 has some work on conjunctions. Use the FANBOYS correctly in sentences and then try using them in sentences of your own about your dragon!


In English this week we will be producing our own pages to create a class book based upon Tell Me a Dragon and then creating a more in depth description of our dragon character.

Use the character pyramid and power point to explore different aspects of the character of the dragon. Now talk through your pyramid with an adult or aloud to yourself. Use a thesaurus to explore more adventurous vocabulary that you could try and use. When you have chatted it through and rehearsed sentences orally, try applying what you know about different sentence types, using a range of conjunctions to begin to write your character description.



In Maths this week, we start by retrieving the equivalent lengths of centimetres and millimetres ( multiplying or dividing by 10) and then centimetres and metres (multiplying and dividing by 100). We then look at how to find the equivalence measurements of metres and kilometres (multiplying and dividing by 1000).

Remember, when we multiply by 10, we move each digit one place value to the left. We must always have a digit in the ones column but if there is no value, we then use a place holder (0) to represent their is no value. When we divide by 10, we move each digit one place to the right. When we multiply by 100, we move each digit two places to the left and when we divide, we move each digit two places to the right. When we multiply by 1000, we move each place value to the left and when we divide, we move each digit three places to the right.

Our times table focus this week will be on the 8 x table. On Monday, we will demonstrating our retrieval and mastery knowledge on our 9 x table and on Wednesday, we will be improving our 8 x table fluency. Remember to keep practicing your 8 x tables on 'Hit The Button' and keep practicing on the Multiplication Check on Mathsframe. 

LO: To describe the importance of Holi on the Hindu community

Take notes of the activities and emotions that are shown and make your own notes. Share the images of the children celebrating Holi.



Children to write a kenning poem about the Holi festival using the notes made from the clip and images.

PE - Yoga

This week in Yoga, can you find a partner and create these Yoga poses? Hold the poses for 3 breaths, making sure they are long and flow through your body. Why don't you put some relaxing Yoga music on whilst you complete these poses?


 Listen to Handel's Water music from 5.00-7.30. Close your eyes and listen to the music. Does it remind you of anything? Did it paint a picture in your mind of something happening or make you think of a story? 


What can you find out about him as a composer?

After listening to the music, can you create a drawing about how it makes you feel?