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Week Beginning 30th November

Hi Everyone

In Tolerance Class this week, we are currently reading War of the Worlds (scholastic version) and thinking about how the action is built up through it. In Maths, we are moving from the long multiplication grid method to the written method. Through Science, we will continue to investigate the different forces through investigations - you may get wet! Then in RE, we will learn about famous Muslims and how their faith helped them in their own journey.


Don't forget to use our link below to access our activities if you wish too.




In English we are beginning to plan our own narrative, following the patterns we have found in War of the Worlds. The box up model is here for you to complete - it shows what happens in War of the Worlds, you complete the empty box with your alternative ideas for your own narrative.

In lesson 2 we will be writing the opening section of the story. The ppt is provided for you to remind you of the options for narrative openings.




Read the information about Mo Farah and create a poster to show how his faith has supported him to achieve his goals.

As an extension, you could also research further and create a fact file about Mo. 

In Science we are exploring water resistance. The power point guides you through experimenting with shapes of playdough, the Resources document can be used to create differently shaped boats using tin-foil in order to find the most streamlined.