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Week Beginning 11th January

Overarching Question Term 3


'Is it always possible to be a good neighbour?'


Upon our return to school last week, we began to explore our overarching question for the term. If you were in school, you may remember that we thought about who our neighbours are and how we can be good neighbours.

After reading the story of The Good Samaritan from the Bible, we realised our neighbours can be anyone, they don't have to be people that live next door to us, nor do they need to be people that we know well. Being a good neighbour is about the way we treat one another.

This week spend some time talking together about the kinds of things we can do and the way we may behave to demonstrate to others that we are good neighbours. Please send in any ideas you have via email or tweet them to your class teacher.




Please find below a suggested timetable for this week. This is the sequence of learning the pupils in school will be following and is similar to the structure of a normal school day to support your child with a routine if you wish. 


You can download and print the weekly timetable here if you wish

Please look at the weekly overview first as it details all of your learning for the week.

There is a grid for all non core learning, including Science and RE, along with some other fun things to try at home.

Scroll down, as underneath there is a grid for Maths learning and one for English too.


Read through it all and if things do not make sense, please contact me via email.


Click on the links below and read about some of the different ways we can take care of our physical and mental health. Make notes for each clip in your exercise book.

In Art you will begin to explore the artist Georges Seurat. Use the slides to guide you and answer the questions attached in your exercise book, there is no need to print it.

If you have time and would like to research further, there is some information attached along with a fact file sheet. Again, you don't need to print this, you could use the fact file on your screen as a guide to create your own on paper or in your exercise book.

Pirates of the Caribbean medley.mp4

Still image for this video
Please find below the life skills challenge from last week. See if you can continue to challenge yourself to achieve as many of them as you can!

30 day Life Skill Challenge