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We Will Rock You!

In 3M, we investigated three types of poos to decide if was from the Stone Age or modern day.The children were able to discover what types of food they ate and even discovered that they ate stone! We are were able to use our measuring skills too. Not bad for the first day back!


Editing Fun

After writing a detailed description about the setting from Stig of the Dump, the children worked together to edit and improve their work. They decided to improve their adjective choices, prepositions, verbs and sentence openers. What a great job!


Ordering numbers fun

Having learnt how to order numbers previously, we put our knowledge to good use out in the Reflective Garden. The numbers were hidden around and the children in their groups had to put them in either an ascending or descending order. They had to be able to justify their choices.




After reading, watching and pulling out descriptive phrases for the setting of the story, the children then went on to create their own version using chalks.


What kind of a world would God want?

Children sang 'Think of a World without any flowers' before discussing their own ideas about what they thought God would want. Lots of children spoke about sharing wealth from the rich to the poor to provide a more equal world. Georgie spoke about trying to help the homeless have shelter, while lots of them wanted people to feel loved and needed. Very thoughtful 3M.


Reading Fun

At different parts of the day, the children have the opportunity to read in The Garden of Values or the Reading Cave. As you can see, they are popular places to be! Which books do you like to read? Could you recommend any to a friend?

Cave Artists

After learning that the people in the Stone Age era communicated through the language of paintings and that animal fat helped them to stick to the walls, the children experimented with charcoal themselves. The outcomes were very impressive.


Drama in RE

Outside in the Reflective Garden, we  recreated the story of Rama and Sita. Each child took on a role and spoke and used actions to retell it. The children then performed to one another. It was wonderful to see the talents within the class!



Handmade weapons

After hearing how Barney and Stig made their own weapons, the children decided to use the Reflective Garden to make their own. With stone, flint, sticks, grass, straw and a little wool, the children were engrossed in trying to make a weapon. Lots of trial and errors with a partner, led to successes for all.



Not only do we have fun inside the classroom, but we also have exciting break times too. Thanks to the Playground Leaders, we have learnt lots of games to play. We especially enjoy the skipping ropes at the moment.

Geologists in action!

The children having read Pebble in my Pocket as part of their Guided Reading, had the opportunity to use the magnifying glasses to inspect what the rocks looked like and then explored their textures. We began to investigate natural and man-made rocks.


3M Rock!

This week saw 3M take to the stage for the class assembly. With a Stone Age feel, the children welcomed the school and parents in. They all performed brilliantly, ensuring words could be heard, work could be seen and most importantly that they showed how confident they were. There were some dramatic performances especially in Gordon Mammoth's restaurant where sadly there were some 'stones' discovered in the meals! The staff and pupils gave them some fantastic feedback too. Well done everyone!




Flag Fen Trip

On Thursday, the whole of Year 3, went off to Peterborough (Flag Fen), to learn a little more about the Stone Age period of history, as well as test the knowledge they already had in place. It was quickly apparent that the classes were secure in the learning they had participated in, as they recalled information quickly to answer questions including the three different phases of the Stone Age. The day was action packed with exploring time lines, artefacts, shelters, remains and concluding with making their own clay pottery. Everybody enjoyed and a special thanks goes to the team at Flag Fen and the parent helpers.


Published Stories

To conclude the work on 'Stig of the Dump', the children were able to publish their stories. After being authors and editors, they were able to learn what it was like to see their finished version. Please come and see the stories on display in 3M.


Football skills in action

The children of 3M have been developing their football skills. They have been learning to try and control the ball when dribbling or passing the ball. After a few lessons, the children progressed onto adding a turn withe ball. The rapid progress was impressive to see!