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For our first English lesson in Year 3, we looked at our book 'How to wash a Woolly Mammoth'. We read the book and enjoyed acting out how to wash a Woolly Mammoth by washing Charlotte the Woolly Mammoth. 







After we acted out how to wash a Woolly Mammoth, we then looked at what imperative verbs are and had a lovely lesson bossing Mr Shortland about!

Wow! What an exciting lesson we have had. We have been investigating ancient poo! We had to use our deductive skills to decide which poo belonged to who. Did it belong to a farmer, a modern day person or a hunter gatherer? We had to tear the poo apart and look at the contents. Surprisingly, the children loved getting their hands dirty and loved investigating the poo. We had a poo-riffic time! 
Today, we took our Maths learning outside as we worked together to find which numbers were greater than, less than or equal to. We demonstrated our core values of fellowship, trust and teamwork as we problem solved each activity. We were then able to explain our answers using our reasoning skills. Well done 3S!

Today, we took our Art lesson outside so that we could be Stone Age artists. We used the natural environment to help us create our cave paintings.We discovered that the mud was not wet enough to leave marks on our paper so we problem solved and we added water to make the mud wetter. As well as this, we discovered that if we break berries, the juice can be used as paint and also use the berries after as eyes. 


We also made our own paintbrushes outside by using sticks, grass and feathers that we found and tying them together by using grass as a string. Excellent learning 3S!



Today, we started our Science topic 'Rocks and Soil'. The children were very excited to be Geologists during lesson as we investigated the properties of 6 rocks and we discussed what we think each rock can be used for. 


Excellent learning 3S!

On Thursday 10th October, we visited Flag Fen in Peterborough for our topic.

First, we looked at the timeline to see how far back the Stone Age was and how the ages that followed all linked to each other. After that, we were really lucky as we were given the opportunity to see a bridge that was discovered by an archaeologist that needs to have water sprinkled over it to help preserve it as it is slowly crumbling away. Before lunch, we were lucky enough to sit in a roundhouse and to light a fire as we listened to a story. We had the opportunity to touch the magic sword and make a wish.


After lunch, we were very excited as we were able to make a clay pot using our thumbs to mould the shape of the pot and natural resources to make the decorations. Our last activity of the day was where we were trainee archaeologists and we had to investigate which time period the artefacts were from. What a great day we have had.