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W/C 4.1.21


This week in Maths we are beginning to look at numbers to 20. We shall be learning how to count accurately and how to match numerals to quantities. The children will also be ordering the numbers 1 - 20. Can you help your child identify the number and then draw the correct amount, or count the number of objects and write the correct number?




This week in Literacy we are looking at the story 'The Magic Porridge Pot', it is also Speeches week, we have decided to look at the speech which the characters use in the story. They use three magic words which make the pot start or stop, we will be using our Phonics to try and write some character speech and then say them out loud changing our voice to suit the part of the story.


Understanding of the World

This week in Understanding of the World we are beginning to look at Space, this is such an exciting theme with creates as many questions as it answers.

How do we get to Space?

Is there anything in Space?

Have people been to Space?

Explore the website link below and then have a go at the Space themed printing activity


This week we are beginning  to  look at  different books that are available to the children.  Are there any rules we need to keep to when handling books?  Do they have a favourite book? What is special about it? 

Look at some different books together, talk about the importance of them being very special and how we need to treat them with respect. Ask your child to draw the front cover of their favourite book.