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W/C 14/12/20


This week in Literacy we are focusing on 'Lists' we are looking at how when you write a list, often the words are one underneath each other instead of linking words together across the page to create a sentence. We will be exploring why we need lists and what we can use lists for such as shopping lists, ingredient lists, Christmas lists etc. Below I have attached a sheet for your child to use their Phonics to create a Christmas list.



In Maths this week we are moving on from 2D shapes and reminding ourselves about 3D shapes, this will involve us naming the shapes and describing them. Using the vocabulary of faces, vertices (plural)/ vertex (the point where two or more lines meet). We will be looking at which 3D shapes are the best for building with, which slide and which roll.



This week we would like to focus on our cutting skills we have attached a fun activity to create a spiral snowman. Encourage your child to very carefully follow the line to create a spiral. They can then decorate it too.


We will be looking at the qualities that makes someone special. Discuss with your child who is special to them and why, what makes them special to you. This week we would like you to create a card for a special person to let them know you are thinking of them and how they are special to you. Below are some examples/templates to give you some ideas.