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WB: 04/01/21

Hi Year 1,

In Maths this week, we are using our number skills to count forwards and backwards, as well as writing numbers in numerals and words from 0 to 20.

We are also looking at the place value of numbers and what they represent. Following from this, we will be counting one more and one less. I know that 15 is one less than 16 and one more than 14. What other numbers can you describe in this way?


In English, we are writing a speech about protecting bugs and insects. We will explore why this is important and how we can care and save them. We will be creating an insect hotel to look after our lovely creatures of the world!


If you need anything, remember you can email Miss Doran: kindness.remote@infinityacademies.co.uk

RE Lesson 1



Whilst we gather resources to support phonics learning – here is a useful website to use for phonics that involves segmenting and blending, building speed, practising reading tricky words, matching phonemes and graphemes and much more!

Here is the link: www.phonicsplay.co.uk

The log in details are:

Username: jan21

Password: home




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