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Vikings Term 2

Christmas Fun!

Our last afternoon in school of 2019 was our Christmas party. Dancing, eating and games formed some of the activities. One of our favourites was the chocolate game!


Supported by members of St Thomas' church, we each made our own Christingle. Recalling from previous years, the symbolism of each part, we were able to talk confidently about their importance. Trevor added in his own thoughts about what the foil may represent, looking at how it reflects the light emitted from the candle, it gives us lots to reflect upon and how we too can reflect the love of Jesus in all we do, all year round but especially at Christmas time.

Digital Images

Using the camera on the ipad, we were able to take different photographs of each other and then digitally enhance them to give a range of effects. Exploring the different effects to each image, also included us retaking some photographs to ensure we created the desired effect. We used our finished images for our calendars that we took home to share with our parents and carers.

Christmas Decorations

Applying our weaving skills, we were able to begin to weave with willow to create 3D angel  decorations for our hoops in the hall. I think you'll agree that they look pretty impressive!

Pantomime Fun!

We had a fun-filled afternoon watching a pantomime of Jack and the Beanstalk. Listening with care, joining in and having fun, it was a great start to our festivities in school.

Swimming Success!

Throughout the Autumn Term, Year Four have been swimming.Over the term everyone has made great progress and many have overcome their fears. Some children were lucky enough to work on survival, learning lots of great skills!

French- Parts of the Body

After learning the parts of the body in French orally, we tested ourselves playing a game in small groups. Using loop cards, we matched the English to the French- practicing our pronunciation. 

Viking Homework

Some of us have got really stuck in to our homework, researching and creating our own models of Viking weaponry. I'm sure you'll agree we've done a great job!

Historical Enquiry

Discussing key dates and events in Viking Britain, we were able to explore the impact their raids had. In groups we discussed each event and decided if it was something which put Vikings in control of Britain or if it was an event which was of no threat to Britain. We placed the events in chronological order on an axis to show these highs and lows.


After exploring the highs and lows, we considered different pieces of evidence from Viking times and what it tells us about life at the time. Reading statements about their lives, we were able to sort the different sources and say which pieces of evidence supported each statement, explaining our choices.


To ensure we had a thorough understanding of subtraction, we used counters to show the exchanges made, especially when working with whole thousands and lots of exchanges are needed.

Weaving Wonders!

This term we have been learning the skill of weaving. After weaving with paper and wool, we turned our hand to weaving with willow to create 3D pieces of art. We also combined our water colour and weaving skills to create our Christmas cards. After sketching three Wise Men, we used water colours to create two contrasting colour ways, which we then cut into strips to weave.


Applying the basketball skills learnt in PE lessons, we were able to begin to play games competitively.


We were lucky enough to experience the beautiful sound of the harp when a harpist visited our school. After playing a well known introduction to the Harry Potter film, we were amazed to find out it was played by the harp. Playing different styles of music we matched them to the image they created in our minds, from rivers to castles, grumpy bears and trains. She also shared with us lots of information about the harp and we all reveled in the beauty of it. 

Exploring subtraction including the exchanges needed, first of all we used counters to explaining each step needed and clearly showing exchanges made.

Watercolour shades...

Using watercolours, we explored colour and shade when creating our images of the Three Kings. After copying our original images, we added contrasting colours to the top and bottom, next we will weave them- we look forward to sharing our finished results with you!


Have you met a Viking?

Today we explored our preconceived ideas about Vikings and how they are viewed today. We created images of them and added key words we thought would describe them; smelly, scruffy, string, bold, adventurous.... which other words would you add to the list?

Weft, Warp, Web and Weaving


We have been working hard to identify the different elements of weaving. We have looked at different ways of threading the warp on round and rectangular looms and then woven the weft, moving under and over the warp to create the web. As well as learning weaving skills and reflecting on this as a way of creating clothes in Anglo Saxon and Viking times, we have built our independent working skills and resilience along the way. We can't wait to show you what we will weave with next!

Exploring the Frieze

We have enjoyed looking at the big frieze in the school hall. Sharing our ideas, discussing what we can see and writing questions about what we want to know, we can't wait to find out more about it.

Every time we look we find something different!



In PE, with Mr. Melson, we are developing our dribbling, catching and throwing skills to begin to play basketball.

We Will Remember...

After spending time talking about Remembrance, our Church School Council Representative led us in prayer.


Solids, Liquids and Gases

When you look at a bottle of lemonade, what do you see?

We identified the solids plastic bottle and lid, liquid lemonade inside and  the bubbles of gas we could see. After learning more about carbon dioxide, we predicted what would happen if we dropped raisins in to the bottle. Many of us thought they would pop back out to begin with, but after thinking about our own experiences with lemonade we were keen to find out what would actually happen.

How did Anglo Saxons and Vikings make their clothes?

After visiting West Stow Anglo Saxon village we were amazed to find out how clothes were made during this period of time. Recalling our knowledge of this, we began to explore how we weave. To begin with we identified the loom needed to weave on and quickly learnt the vocabulary for the warp ( threads running length ways), weft (the threads weaved across the warp) and web (the cloth or fabric produced). Using card and coloured paper, we first made our own webs using he correct vocabulary as we worked. We were then joined by parents and carers who we were able to share this new learning with. Once we were confident, we were shown how to use wool to weave on a fork to create little flowers. After some children had mastered this skill, they then became our lead learners, teaching their peers and visiting adults how to do it.


"Thank you for showing me how to do it Mrs Bell, I had the best afternoon and can't wait to do some at home, I won't be bored over the weekend now!" Eric


"I had the most fun this afternoon, I loved showing my Mum and Dad my learning and having them help me too" Alex

Clergy Visit

We are very lucky to have Collective Worship regularly led by members of our local clergy. This week was our turn for a classroom visit. We had lots of questions to ask Rev. Sue about her work within the church and we shared with her the work we had completed in RE last term about celebrations. We loved sharing our own experiences of weddings and christenings and getting to know her better. We look forward to her next visit!


Place Value into Addition

Retrieving our learning about numbers and the value of each digit within them, we used counters to make 4 digit numbers, consolidating the value of each digit. After making each number,using counters or drawing them, we then explored how the digits can be added by combining each group. A great visual way to ensure a solid understanding of place value into addition.


Solids, Liquids and Gases

We started our new learning in Science off by identifying different materials as being solid, liquid or gases. We looked at the scientific explanation about particles and consolidated our learning by playing a game where we worked as a team to move as a solid, liquid or gas, each of us being one of the particles.


We were wowed by the knowledge of M-A, who explained what she knew about the periodic table thanks to her uncle. The following day she brought in her own copy and began reciting the ones she knows. Well done!

Arthur and the Golden Rope

This week we have started to explore the adventure story of Arthur and the Golden Rope. Listening to the story with anticipation, we loved the character of Arthur to unlikely hero in the story. After story mapping the key events to identify the clear structure of events, we look forward to using this model for our own adventures!


"This story reminds me of David and Goliath, no one thinks David can be the hero because he is so small, just like the adults don't expect Arthur to be able to help them, yet he does." Imogen