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Suggested Home Learning Resources

Dear Children and Parents,


The way you will access online learning is changing so please watch the video if you have not already done so (in the Video resource Centre). You will now be using www.thenational.academy website for your lessons. The overview, showing the lessons for you to do each week, are shown on the Overview document below. The link will take you to the page on the Oak academy website, you then click on the lesson for that day. We hope you will enjoy these lessons, and be creative as you decide on an Ancient Greek project activity! 

If you have any questions, please continue to use the Contact Teacher page to email us.

ReadTheory - don't forget to read the answers if you get one wrong to find out why! This is the really important part of ReadTheory - the learning part :-) Well done to everyone who has been busy on there already! I can see how many quizzes you have done and how many knowledge points you've all got - keep it up!


There are lots of links on here because we want you to have plenty of choice. However, if you are finding all the choice a bit too much, here is a different version for you. The Home Learning Challenges document sets out on a chart different activities for just one week at a time - have a look :-)

Home Learning Challenges

Think about your favourite lessons and do things related to them:

PE - go outside and exercise as much as you can. If you can't go outside then put on music and boogie or use the 5 a day fitness videos we love in class. These are the links:



Or go to Gonoodle for 'Bananas, bananas, meatballs!' - they do lots of other fun clips too.

Gonoodle also have mindfulness clips which might help if you feel worried or just want to distract yourself. Kids Zen Den is another meditation site, put this into the search engine, you will recognise the videos we have used in class.


DT - design something, then go and make it! Draw and measure first, decide what is its purpose (why are you making it - what will it do?) then create it with whatever materials are available.


Maths - you can never practise times tables too much! If you think you know them all, practise speedy recall. Ask someone to test you the way we do in class, they say the question, give you 3 seconds to write the answer then ask another.


LEARN TO TELL THE TIME! This is a life skill, use analogue (clocks with hands) and digital (clocks that just show numbers). Once you can tell the time (practise with a grown up or someone who can tell the time to help you), then start creating and solving problems for yourself. What is half an hour earlier than twenty past 2?


English - Write stories! Remember all the features we use in school writing and include them - eg. how to build tension or create action sequences with short sentences and ellipsis; add relative clauses (extra information) with brackets or commas (see what I did there?); describe settings and characters richly to make them interesting to a reader. Then send them to me on the contact page - I would love to read them! 


You can download this pack and print it for activities for English



Learn The Owl and the Pussy Cat poem by heart as we discussed. The link for the poem is this: https://poets.org/poem/owl-and-pussy-cat . Create VIPERS questions about the poem - it is an poem with some old language that you are unlikely to know so look it all up, teach yourself new words :-)  


Read, read, read, read... Read Theory is always fun, your log in details are your initials then 5C, so _ _ 5C then the password. if you can't remember the password it should be in your homework book or email me on the Contact our Teacher page. Rad for pleasure - choose a book and snuggle down to enjoy it. If you want to practise the skills we use in school remember VIPERS and come up with your own questions to answer. 


Art - lots of you love Art - this is a great time to be creative! Drawing, sketching (remember hatching, perspective and all the skills you have practised to make your drawings look effective). Make sculptures with clay or playdough. Paint - we have practised so much recently with watercolours you should be experts!


Music - sing! Sing along to your favourite songs, choose a composer and listen to different styles of music than you normally choose, practise reading music (Youtube can help there).


French - practise saying all the words we have learned and keep putting them into new sentences. There are lots of apps to help you learn languages (Duolingo is the one we looked at together, it's free), pick one and make learning the language fun.