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Over the past two weeks, we have been exploring sorting objects. We have looked at how to group objects together to make counting easier. Working in groups to sort objects into colours and shapes, we then used this knowledge to help us to solve problems. 


We have been exploring everyday materials to kick start our topic on Toys. Over the past few lessons, we have matched names to materials, explored their properties and went outside to hunt for the materials. We then used our knowledge to describe our favourite toys, that we brought in from home. We can't wait to see what else we will learn. 


Today in Big Write, we all created our very own Elmar. We read the story together and discussed the different ways the elephants decorated themselves. We discussed how we would decorate ourselves in groups, before designing our own Elmar. We then described ourselves underneath by writing sentences. 




Last week, Year 1 discovered some unusual containers in the Reflective Garden. We sat in a circle and explored the contents and were amazed at what we find. We then went back in the classroom and compared the old toys to new ones. 


Today we faced a dilemma; we explored the plastic pollution crisis through videos. We then created our own fish to highlight how plastic effects their stomachs. Over the next few weeks, we will think of new ways to combat the plastic problem. 

Last week, we continued to explore line in art. We used wax crayons to create detailed scales on our fish using our knowledge of line. After applying the wax, the children then used watercolour paint to create a wash on top. 

This week in RE the children looked at the story of the Lost Son. We studied a piece of art showing the father and son hugging and asked questions about what was going on. After exploring the art, and watching a clip of the story, we explored what a parable was and wrote our own definitions. 

This week in Maths, we have revisited finding 1 more and 1 less. The children used a range of objects to support their learning and enjoyed representing their numbers in different ways. We have discovered that when you add 1 more the numbers get larger and when you find 1 less the numbers get smaller. 

This week in Maths, we are ordering objects and numbers. We are using our knowledge of comparison to help us sort objects so that they are in order of smallest to largest. Today we were introduced to the word 'equal' and discovered that objects and numbers can sometimes equal the same amount. 

Mrs Tewnion was very kind and allowed 1P to borrow her book 'Harry and the bucket full of dinosaurs' for this week. On Friday, Mrs Tewnion did explain that the dinosaurs had been up to all sorts of tricks and mischief in her classroom! Well, we didn't seem too worried ... until this morning! The dinosaurs had tipped out all of our bottle lids! We were very amused. I wonder what else they will get up to this coming week! 

Well, we were warned! The bucket of dinosaurs got up to all sorts of mischief. They hid around the classroom, shredded paper and knocked over bottle tops! We had to keep a close eye on them all week. We decided to write up all of the incidents for our Big Write on Friday so that we could keep a record. I hope the dinosaurs have a rest over the half term!

What a lovely way to spend our last day of term - surrounded by toys! Year 1 were very lucky on Friday as we got to explore and play with a vast variety of old toys. However, we had to be very careful with them as some were fragile. We learnt that none of the toys were made of plastic and instead were made of either wood, metal or even bone!