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Term 6

Overarching Question: 'What creates a community?'


Our final term of the academic year is going to be a busy one for the children with many new, exciting opportunities. We are continuing with a focus on the Romans but through a Geography lens and exploring volcanoes. We will have a particular focus on the volcanic eruption that destroyed Pompeii. 


In Maths, the children will begin exploring angles and types of lines. Within our RE learning, children will begin to think deeper and apply these skills by trying to understand and explain what it means to live a good life. In PE, children will be focusing on Dodgeball and Cricket in the hope of many more lessons being outside as we approach warmer weather in the coming weeks and months. In PSHE, children will be exploring living in the wider world, money and jobs. 


Week 1

The children have impressed me with their attitude to learning this week. We have been extremely busy and the retrieval and connections made within subjects has been immense. Children love the volcanoes lesson; especially learning what skills a vulcanologist would require. The children used a world map to locate active volcanoes. They mastered using horizontal and vertical by understanding how the plates moved, which built upon the knowledge learnt in Maths too. 


As well as lines, Year 3 have learnt how to recognise and identify right angles and begin to distinguish between acute and obtuse angles. 


In Science, children have investigated how light travels and how light is needed to ensure we can see. This week was our 'Poetry Slam'; the children amazed us with their performance skills as they performed a poem on Boudicca. 


An excellent week of learning; well done! 



Week 2

This week we completed our Poetry Slam performance. The finalists presented our Boudicca poem. They had props to support them getting into the role. Our children were amazing and did so well; we were really proud of their efforts. Others performed to each other in the classroom and provided feedback to each other. 


Children have started to understand volcanoes; we have learnt the key parts of them and understood how they erupt and completed our chemical experiment to understand signs of a reaction. 


Week 3

This week we were lucky enough to visit 'Doodles' at Baytree to make clay pots. The children had a great time creating a clay coil pot. We watched the artists show us step by step how to make the coils. We also used slip and score as well as techniques to create patterns. 



Week 4

This week we had our annual Sports Day which was delivered by Elite Sports. Firstly, we completed some target throws which the children really enjoyed and were very successful at doing! Then, we went outside to take part in a variety of races in our teams. We did sprinting, sack racing and balancing which the children thoroughly enjoyed. It was fantastic to see everyone encouraging each other the St. Thomas' way.