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Term 6

This terms overarching question:
'Is change necessary if humanity is to continue?'

Friday 2nd July

Tallington trip

Wow, what a day! Most children were a little nervous to begin with, but by encouraging and supporting each other, everyone succeeded in the challenges! Tobogganing, team building and abseiling were lots of fun as well as challenging their ideas of what they thought they were capable of before they started.

Tuesday 29th June

Sports Day

Archery was a new opportunity for the class in this year's Sports Day, as well as many other fun physical challenges.

Thursday 24th June


We were very proud of our results following our first attempt at sculpting with mudroc. Having worked collaboratively in our groups with wire to create a frame in the shape of a bird, we were ready to begin covering it in mudroc. None of us had used this medium for sculpture before so it was exciting! Plaster of Paris in bandages was challenging to work with as it sets very quickly. We worked hard to achieve great results covering the frame. 


Thursday 17th June

Art - wire sculpting

Our focus in Art this term has been sculpture. After studying artists who create art in the form of sculpture, we are now creating our own. Working in groups, we designed a bird shape for our sculpture before working the wire into shapes to form the frame. We quickly realised that working in 3d is more challenging than 2d! Much more strengthening was required and a lot of teamwork.

Tuesday 15th June

Archie - Young Leaders Award

Last week in our Archie session, we compared the cities of London to Calcutta. We considered the Big Question - how many things does the world 'want' and how many things does it 'need'. This made us think about and be grateful for the many 'wants' we have in our lives and empathise with other people who do not have these and struggle to cater for what they need.


As part of this, we undertook the bag challenge. In ten minutes we had to make as many paper bags as possible (which was trickier than it looked!). 10 bags earned us 1 rupee. We then calculated how many bags we would be able to make in a ten hour day, seven days a week (no holidays!). We compared this amount to the estimated amount someone in Calcutta might need to cover their food, rent and outlay for the paper to make bags and were shocked to find that it only just covered the amount required. One group couldn't afford these outgoings and a deep discussion followed - which of the essential items would you go without?   

English - Poetry Slam

What an exciting start to the week, we were told the whole school was taking part in a performance poetry competition! Year 5's poem was entitled 'The Debate of Tea and Coffee' , which is a poem translated from the original Arabic into English. In this, Tea and Coffee debate who is the best, culminating in Coffee gathering her troops to attack Tea! We formed small groups to memorise sections of the poem and spent the week memorising and perfecting performances, focussing on expression, volume and tone. On Thursday we performed to each other, and using the success criteria for the competition, we decided on a class winning group. Congratulations to Ethan, Harry, Hattie and Oliver, who went to represent Tolerance class in the school competition on Friday. 


Thursday 11th June

We are learning to play cricket this term. After warming up, we got into pairs to practise throwing and catching, before applying these skills to a mini game. We had a ‘batter’ who had to catch the ball and throw it, fielders had to throw it to each other, making sure everyone caught and threw the ball practising their overarm shots. The batter made as many runs as possible in the time it took the fielders to get the ball back to the bowler. It got very competitive!