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Term 6

This terms overarching question:
'Does spirituality create respect?' 

Welcome Back!

A big welcome back to the final term of Year 4 where we will be bringing lots of our learning to a conclusion as well as mastering skills that we have learnt throughout the year! 


This term our overarching question is, 'Does spirituality create respect?'


In week one, have a think about what the vocabulary in that question means. What does spirituality mean? What does it mean to have respect? How can you show respect?


This term we will continue our learning about Egypt looking at Gods and Goddesses and how they were worshipped as part of their religion.


Have you heard about mummification? Why did the Ancient Egyptians mummify the pharaohs? What were the jars called that the Egyptians use to put the organs in?


In Science this term, we will be retrieving our learning on Electricity and applying this to a special DT project where we make our own lamp using an electrical circuit. 


What is a pilgrimage?

In RE this term we will continue looking at what a pilgrimage is and by looking at the different types of pilgrimages made by different faiths. We will then be focusing on the environmental impact that pilgrimages have on the local environment.


Ready to get active?

In PE this term we are going to be learning the exciting game of Netball on a Thursday and every Friday we will be doing Rounders with Mr Melson! Please make sure that PE kits are in school at all times.


Keep checking back here to see how we are getting on!

YMCA - Sports Trip

This week, we trialled new experiences as we visited YMCA in Lincoln to take part in rock climbing, parkour and a STEM activity. We really enjoyed these new experiences as it challenged us. There were a few nerves but once we got over those, there was no stopping us. The staff were so friendly and supportive and they commented on how amazing we were. Well done Hope Class!

Retrieving an artefact - instructions 


Today, we launched our instruction unit by experiencing what it is like by being an archaeologist that is retrieving an artefact from the tomb in Egypt. We had to dodge traps and obstacles to reach the tomb to retrieve an artefact. We then went back into the classroom and drew a map out to show the traps. Now, we are going to be trying to write an instruction text for a trainee archaeologist to use. 


Pilgrimage to Walsingham

This week we went on a long journey to Walsingham to discover what pilgrimage was like for those first pilgrims in 1061 and what it is like for Christian Pilgrims today. Learning all about the vision of Richeldis de Faverche and the Holy House she built to replicate the home of Mary, the Mother of Jesus in Nazareth, we listened with care and were amazed by the facts.

Here are some of the photographs of our day.

Mixing Media

This week we have explored how we can create backgrounds for our artwork using the frottage technique. After our background was completed we investigated how we could add the drawing of a cat on top of it, first using pencil and the cross hatch effect. Next week we will explore the use of different media onto our backgrounds.

A great morning for Hope Class using some of their skills from PE to compete for our class sports event. We can't wait to hear the final scores on the doors on Friday when everyone has competed!

Mummification - explanation text


This week, we have been learning about the mummification process in English. Here, Mr Shortland is focusing on mummifying a child as we follow the process. We are now going to take this experience and write our own explanation texts on how to mummify a person so they are ready to travel to the after life. 


Rosetta Stone

In History, we have been investigators, as we discovered the importance of the Rosetta Stone. We had to first piece the puzzle together without knowing what we were making. We then researched the importance of the Rosetta Stone. We discovered that the French first found the Rosetta Stone and then this was handed over to the British eventually. The Stone is now inside the British History  Museum in London. We were amazed to discover there were lots of different languages on the Stone and how the Greek language helped to decipher what was on the Stone. 


This term in Netball, we have been developing a range of passing techniques including the chest pass and the bounce pass. We have then applied these to games situations whilst remembering the rules that we can’t move when we are holding the ball unless we pivot. 

The Poetry Slam 2021 - prop making 


Today, we have started making props for our performance in our groups. We have spoken about how we want the performance to make the audience feel and how we have to perform it whilst managing the volume, expression, clarity and gestures. We can’t wait to perform!


The Poetry Slam 2021


This week, we are taking part in a Poetry Slam competition in school where we perform a poem. Our poem that we are learning is called ‘Mummy!’ which describes the mummification period. We started our learning of by looking at the key words from the poem before we looked at the poem to see whether we could make a prediction on what the poem was about. We pulled the vocabulary out of a box and discuss the meaning. We then read the poem together and answered questions to check our understanding.