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Term 6

Overarching question for this term:
Does wealth define us?

We cannot believe that it is the last term of year 2! We have a very busy term with lots of sporting activities and a school trip planned. Look out for the letters that will be sent this week.  We will also be beginning to prepare the children for their transition into year 3 and help them feel settled ready for their move into lower key stage 2. As well as this, the children will continue to answer their overarching question and learn about the impact of The Great Fire of London and meaning of salvation in the Bible. Our PE days will continue to be on a Monday and Tuesday


With the weather improving and temperatures rising, please can all the children come to school with a sun hat and plenty to drink! Children can bring sun cream into school which they can apply themselves. 

Poetry Week- Week 1

This week the children have loved practising and performing the Roald Dahl Poem `Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf`. All the children worked in groups to bring their performance to life and were encouraged to create props, use expression and also ensure that they speak clearly to engage their reader. The year 2 staff have been so proud of the enthusiasm the children have shown when learning their lines and everyone has really enjoyed having fun with words! Well done year 2! 

KS1 Poetry Slam Winners!

Gratitude class were announced as the winners of the Poetry Slam!! All the children have worked exceptionally hard and we are all so proud of them! The winning group were fantastic role models and were brilliant during their performance! Everyone used expression, clarity, props and engaged the audience! The buzz in Gratitude class after was electric! 

Week 2


In our Art learning this week, the children have been exploring the paintings created by Monet. They explored his representation of London and identified the colours used and paints. The children will work towards creating their own representation of London using paint and mixing colours. Today the children recapped primary and secondary colours and created tertiary colours. 


We have continued to focus on the unit of time. This week the children explored telling times using five minute intervals. They then progressed onto comparing durations of time and solving problems.

Week 4 


This week, year 2 took part in their Sports Day with Elite Sport, where they had the opportunity to play a new sport called Curling. They then took part in different athletic races where the children demonstrated our sporting values. Everyone demonstrated sportsmanship and competition and enjoyed every race, especially the sack race. We also were able to award some children with a special sporting certificate for being super sporting role models. 



Our finished Art pieces. 


The children have worked incredibly hard on their landscape drawings this week and used paint to create effects similar to Monet. Each child chose a different landmark from London and then used different textures to add effects. The children used sawdust and PVA glue and used a different technique with their brushes and colours. When painting their final piece, the children independently mixed their own colours using the knowledge from previous lessons. 




Homework Projects

All the children have created some fantastic homework projects this term based around our London theme. The children all chose a landmark from the city of London and researched the materials it was made from and the history behind it. They then used different materials to recreate it. Every project is fantastic and we would like to thank all of our parents for taking the time to support their children with this throughout the term. 

The Lincolnshire Wildlife Park

The children were able to have the opportunity to visit The Lincolnshire Wildlife Park to continue to build upon their learning of animals and their habitats. The children really enjoyed this experience and loved seeing all the different animals.