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Term 6

Overarching question for this term:
Does sadness bring us together more than happiness?


Maths - Position and Direction 



In Maths, Year 1 have been exploring position and direction. We have looked at the key terms for this which are half turn, quarter turn and full turn. We linked this back to our knowledge of fractions before going outside to draw circles to help us practise how to turn correctly. We have also explored left, right, above and below by looking at a number of objects to see and describe their position.

Poetry Week - Row, Row, Row Your Boat


Year 1 thoroughly enjoyed Poetry Week!

We learnt the nursery rhyme ‘Row Row Row Your Boat’ and adapted this to ensure we could perform this using expression, voice, clarity, gesture and volume. We turned the nursery rhyme into a rap and enjoyed making props to support our performances. We are fabulous poets!

History - Delia's Hat - rich and poor


Year 1 have loved the start of their History studies for Term 6.

We have been introduced to a lady called Delia McDermott and we are following her on a special journey she is taking. We started this exploration by focusing on Britain in 1912 and discovered what hats tell us about people who lived in Britain at this time. We viewed a range of photographs and categorised these into two groups; rich and poor. We know that poor people wore very plain and basic hats and added accessories onto their hats themselves, whereas rich people wore posh, expensive and fancy hats.

Science - Observation drawings of spring


In Science, we are learning about the Seasons.

This term we are focusing on spring and summer. In Term 2, we focused on autumn and winter so we are retrieving our knowledge from this and making comparisons to spring and summer. We went outside in the reflective garden and made some observation drawings on the plants we could see to observe how these look different to what they did in the autumn and winter. We were able to use our knowledge of plants from our Term 5 science learning to explain why they look different.